Workshop BA&QC: “A practical view from IT and MIS alumni"

(VLU, 03/11/2021) – On October 24, 2021, the Faculty of IT, Van Lang University (VLU) combined with its alumni to host a webinar named “BA &QC: A Practical View from IT and MIS Alumni" to make students understand more about job positions, which makes them prepare well for their future careers.

There was attendance of lecturers and students from the Faculty of Information Technology and Business Administration, as well as special guests:

  • Ms. Huynh Thi Tuyet Thuong – Course 14 alumna of the Faculty of Information Technology, with 9 years of experience in IT solutions implementation, is currently working as a Senior Quality Control;
  • Mr. Trieu Hai Quan - Course 19 alumnus of the Faculty of Information Technology, with 4 years ofexperience in the field, is currently a Business Analyst;
  • Mr. Pham Nhat Quang - Course 19 alumnus of the Faculty of Information Technology with 4 years of experience in ISM, is currently a Product Owner;
  • Ms. Nguyen Cao Ngoc Nhi - Course 21 alumna with 2 years of business analyst experience and product owner for an information technology company, is currently a BA Leader, PO.

At the beginning of the workshop were questions that clearly expressed the concerns of the students who were about to graduate: What do we do when graduate? How long does it take to adapt to a new environment? What skills do you need to prepare yourself for easy job search? What difficulties to face? With many years of experience and success in the field of specialization, Van Lang University alumni have shared with students unforgettable experiences and real-life perspectives when entering the career path. They also explained and gave many tips for students in order to prepare for upcoming difficulties.

vlu hoi thao khoa cntt aThe discussion between parties was in a joyful, connecting environment in Van Lang University generations

Throughout the workshop, alumni have emphasized the importance of skills such as communication, presentation, planning and more than that - language skills. These are important factors to help you become confident and easy to find the suitable job.

When meeting foreign clients in many different countries, I find for myself more skills, listen to important keywords after receiving requests from them and ask them again the requirements which I summary, gradually so that my skills are better and can accumulate more new ones.” – shared Mr. Hai Quan.

Then, Ms. Ngoc Nhi mentioned about the new skills that throughout the process of working with foreign customers, she concluded: "Today in the working environment, we also need to train our documentary skills. When the customer gives the requirements, I will document the model, description, image, interface, etc. Customers will work with me on those documents." In addition to the necessary skills, Mr. Nhat Quang shared more about analytical skills. This is one of the core things about Business Analyst (BA). According to Mr. Quang, BA is not only about document writing and meeting, but the ability to think and analyze is also an important factor to be able to help me succeed in the position of BA or higher as Product Owner.

vlu hoi thao khoa cntt bToday, BA (Business Analyst) is becoming one of the jobs that attracts young people to pursue IT.

Regarding the working environment, all alumni agreed with one thing: "It does not define how long it takes to adapt to the environment, it depends on how you integrate, your experience, the reality of fighting a lot, not afraid of anything, also, learning drives the development process to go further at work." Even in the university environment, students should always actively cultivate, equip themselves with the necessary skills, improve their foreign language proficiency, seek for opportunities to develop themselves in the right major.

The workshop has brought a lot of valuable information to students, sincere words and answers from IT and MIS alumni to help students can understand more about the industry as well as make the right choice for the upcoming direction.

Reporter: Chan Ly
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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