The Faculty of Public Relations and Communication hosted the online seminar titled “Successful PR and communication projects – behind the scenes”

(VLU06/11/2021) – On October 31st, 2021, The Faculty of Public Relations and Communication hosted an online seminar titled “Successful PR and communication projects – Behind the scenes”, which attracted more than 200 students of attendance. This was a topic in the Project Management subject.

The seminar was led by two guests with many years of experience in this field: Mr. Can Tran Dang Quang - Chief Customer Officer (CCO), Elitez Group; Ms. Phan Thi Phan Phuong - Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Yeah1 Digital Joint Stock Company - a member of Yeah1 Group Joint Stock Company.

vlu chuyen de du an pr truyen thong a

With more than 15 years of experience in marketing and sales and project management for large corporations: Samsung Vina, LG Vina, Unilever, HP, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, Standard Chartered etc., Mr. Dang Quang has brought experience on issues: role, responsibility of project manager, steps to control and evaluate the project as well as how to solve risks when implementing project. According to him, there are three criteria that he always remembers when working in the field of communication, which is TRUST - TEAMWORK - RESULTS. When implementing any project, we must always pay attention to the final result of the project, in the process must combine smoothly with the team and do our best to create trust in customers.

vlu chuyen de du an pr truyen thong b Mr. Can Tran Dang Quang – CCO, Elitez Group and his sharing about experiences in project management positions in big corporations

The responsibility of the project manager is very important. The work includes collecting requests from clients, organizing teams and allocating work, setting timelines for projects, project supervision, managing risk budgets, motivating teams when working, etc. To become a successful project manager, you learn from practice as well as learn the lessons of your predecessors. Next, it is important to clearly define the goal, equip the team with professional knowledge, know how to manage personnel and communicate well with the team and customers." – shared Mr. Dang Quang.

vlu chuyen de du an pr truyen thong cMs. Phan Thi Lan Phuong, CSO, Yeah1 Digital Joint Stock Company, in the sharing for Van Lang University (VLU)’s students

Having the same point of view as Mr. Dang Quang, Ms. Phan Thi Lan Phuong also said that the role of the project leader will determine the final result of the work. It is known that Ms. Phuong is the person behind the series of content that many audiences responded to such as White Porridge (Chao Trang), Mr. Detective (Anh Tham Tu), Mr. Black Shirt (Anh Ao Den), etc. She has more than 10 years of experience in content development positions for television and advertising.

Ms. Lan Phuong shared with the students 4 steps for the administrator to control and evaluate the project: Establishing the required standards for the project such as project budget, costs, resources required,...; Monitoring the work done in practice; Comparing the set standards and the work done in practice, estimating the time and costs of completing the remaining work of the project; Taking corrective measures when the actual results differ from the standards set out.

A Course 25 student, Mr. Thong, questioned: “What if we can't get the KPI? What should we do?” Ms. Lan Phuong and Mr. Quang said that KPIs are problems that need to be posed from the beginning and also needs to shape many other risks that can occur in all aspects of the project and develop a corrective plan. From there, the problem of not reaching KPIs will be unlikely. According to Ms. Phuong, the risk is that the problem always exists in projects. However, when identifying problems and learning from previous ones, risks will be able to be controlled.

Also, Ms. Tien, a Course 24 student asked: “What do we need to do if we want to join in projects?” – “Companies are currently hire PR students, as if they have good skills in English communication, equipped with professional knowledge and a desire to learn." – answer from Mr. Quang.

The online symposium "Successful PR - Communication projects – Behind the scenes" has brought to Public Relations and Communication students meaningful knowledge, which provides them preparation for their future career.

Reporter: Kim Thu
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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