The “Learning orientation, capacity accumulation for real estate career development” seminar

(VLU, 03/11/2021) On October 24, 2021, The Real Estate major, Van Lang University (VLU), held a seminar topic “Learning orientation, capacity accumulation for real estate career development”, which attracted a huge attention from lecturers, enterprises and students of Course 26, Course 27’s major.

The growing society leads to the demand for real estate also fluctuates, the information about real estate can be easily found on the Internet, newspapers, leaflets, etc. Therefore, this is one of the most wanted majors nowadays. Recognizing the social problem, Van Lang University (VLU) in the last 2 years has opened the Real Estate major, although it is a new one but with the scale of teaching and detailed training programs have helped students trust to join this big family. The seminar titled "Learning orientation, capacity accumulation for real estate career development" was held to help students understand the overview of the learning path in the university environment as well as knowledge and skills about future job.

vlu toa dam dinh huong phat trien bat dong san aSeminar topic "Learning orientation, capacity accumulation for real estate career development" has brought meaningful information to students of the Real Estate major, The Faculty of Finance and Banking.

The opening statement was made by Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha – Vice Principal of Van Lang University (VLU), Dean of The Faculty of Finance and Banking. She was very excited and has high expectations for young students full of enthusiasm, because the real estate market is a space-based changing market, so she hopes that students can learn more experiences from lecturer and guests through this seminar to make it their own ones.

Following the seminar was a detailed presentation from MA. Le Thi Phuong Loan – Deputy Head of Real Estate major, on specific learning objectives such as: knowledge, skills and capacity for autonomy and responsibility; industry output standards; training programs; teaching and learning methods; exchange activities, seminars, and about strategic partners of the industry. With the details and clarity of the content from her presentation, students have grasped the learning path to arrange the schedule in a scientific and reasonable way.

In addition, the students participated in the seminar also received experiences of studying at the university from Mr. Hang Nhat Quang – Real Estate major’s lecturer, Van Lang University (VLU), with the report has the goal of bringing more value when students studying in Van Lang has stimulated the curiosity and interest and brought them to this new environment. "University is the “door” which marks your growing up" (quoted in Mr. Quang's report) has partly made its mark on entering a completely new environment in all aspects of students, so how to set learning goals for effectiveness and experience in the university environment was extremely interesting on students’ side.

In particular, the seminar was attended by Mr. Tran Hoai Bao (Special Guest) – Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of TPI Land and his employees from TPI Land who shared the experiences that were summed up in the working process. For three reasons to do real estate is to buy a house in Saigon; passionate about beautiful projects with a modern, dynamic lifestyle; being (participating in) creating civilized communities to build a better country has been the guideline for him to achieve success now. In addition, he also shared about the works that TPI Land contributes to bringing the aspiration of Vietnamese people to rise both modern and close to nature has helped students expand their vision of real estate. 

The Faculty of Finance and Banking has cooperated with CafeLand (The sponsor) to award 6 scholarships worth VND 1,000,000 each to 6 students. In the future, TPI Land will continue to accompany and award 5 scholarships for students who overcome difficulties to study well.

Ending the seminar, Dr. Mai Thanh Loan - Deputy Dean of The Faculty of Finance and Banking of Van Lang University (VLU) delivered a closing speech at the ceremony, expressing her desire to cooperate with TPI Land in the future and put her trust in the students who will learn many useful and interesting things from the seminar, helping students navigate the learning path; gaining knowledge and capacity to actively contribute to the development of the real estate industry in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general.

Reporter: Cao Thong
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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