Faculty of Commerce - VLU and AIESEC Vietnam co-organized Mini Leadership Conference 2021

(VLU05/11/2021)On October 30 and 31, 2021, Faculty of Commerce and AIESEC International Youth Organization in Vietnam co-organized the Mini Leadership Conference event with the participation of more than 600 students from Van Lang University and other colleges and universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The activity is part of a series of events organized by AIESEC Vietnam for students nationwide in October 2021.

Leadership Conference (LeCo) - The Young Leaders Conference is organized by AIESEC with the goal of helping Vietnamese young people develop their ability to adapt to the changing labor market by sharing leadership skills & transformational skills. Mini Leadership Conference (Mini LeCo) is a series of events after LeCo with innovation and focus on one audience, more specifically, young people in the Economics & Marketing group. Mini LeCo at Van Lang University is one of 11 Mini Leco events organized by AIESEC in Vietnam.

The event is aiming at helping young people to be more aware of themselves as well as the factors that are affecting them. Thereby, the event wants to equip and develop transformational thinking for young people in order to enhance their adaptability to today's changing world and provide them with the transformation skills they need to have to enter career path.

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Ms. Luong Ngoc Tran, in charge of Corporate Relations of the Faculty of Commerce, shared: “The Faculty has had many programs associated with AIESEC such as Marketing Generators and activities related to skills and events to protect the environment. Thereby, not only with AIESEC but also with partner businesses, the Faculty has been and will have plans to build internationalization activities, helping students experience and develop opportunities in the economic and related sectors. Since then, we want to help students increase their competitiveness, develop work management, communication and leadership skills. Besides, it is possible to create more opportunities for young people in Van Lang in particular and students in Ho Chi Minh City in general to have a clear orientation and prepare necessary luggage after graduation."

Transferable Skills are skills developed in one situation that can be used in another. They are also sometimes referred to as soft skills. Understandably, those are skills that nearly everyone needs to practice and accumulate. According to skillsyouneed.com, some common transformational skills can be mentioned as teamwork skills (Teamwork), leadership skills (Leadership), verbal communication skills (Verbal Communication), skills Writing (Written Communication), skills for personal development (Personal Development). This is also the content that students hear and share from the speakers at Mini Leco this time.

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Through this event, students had the opportunity to approach the real perspective from the speakers from businesses in Vietnam through the seminars. Listening to the thoughts of students sharing from the event about worries and pressures caused by the prejudice that distinguishes between the abilities of public and private students in the current working environment, the speakers had real stories, inspiring sharing of a completely different reality. What makes candidates stand out in the eyes of employers is not the school they go to, but the skills, lessons, and experiences that students accumulate during their 4 years of university. Because that is the golden time for them to develop their ego and awareness of themselves and the world around them; from there, help students become more confident and motivated to continue to find their passion and develop themselves, no matter where their starting point is.

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Accumulating transferable skills is really beneficial for students in all aspects of life in general and work & study in particular. Along with technical skills, it's also important to continue to develop skills that are always in demand in the job market. Since then, creating more opportunities for students to access and develop transferable skills in the educational environment through theory and practice is what the school is interested in and will develop in the coming time.


Reporter: Phung Le Van
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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