The Honors Training Program kicks off the new school year with many exciting activities for students

(VLU, 21/10/2021) – Recently, Van Lang University Honors Training Program organized an online teambuilding activity "Ice-Breaking Tour" and an English writing contest with the theme "HER DISH" for students. These are the two playgrounds to kick off the new school year, welcoming new students of Course 27.

Welcome the new school year 2021 - 2022 and create a healthy playground to help new students of Course 27 connect and get used to the learning environment at the University, Honors Training Program organizes an online teambuilding program to welcome new students Course 27 “Ice-Breaking Tour” and English writing contest “HER DISH”. The two online activities not only gave students the opportunity to make new friends, but also develop the soft skills needed when starting their University journey.

vlu sinh vien khoa dac biet a

Team building “Ice-Breaking Tour”

“Ice-Breaking Tour” took place from October 15 to October 21, 2021. This is an online team building activity that helps students connect and familiarize themselves with presentation skills and teamwork skills.

The program includes a series of 3 activities:

  • Stage 1 – Team up: The organizing committee gathered freshmen of Course 27 to register to participate in 6 teams. The members choose the captain, give the team name, slogan, take a group photo and write the introduction in Vietnamese or English to show the team spirit;
  • Stage 2 – Knock-out challenge: Teams answer 10 questions about social knowledge, quiz on MS Teams system. The team with the larger number of remaining members will get a higher score;
  • Stage 3 – Teamwork makes things work: The Organizing Committee divides 6 teams into small groups, each group chooses a presentation topic proposed by the Organizing Committee.

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vlu sinh vien khoa dac biet c

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After stage 1, 6 excellent teams of "Ice-Breaking Tour" were revealed, including: 10 Ice, On Ice, Bartenders, The Silent Team, The B.O.F and Dream Catchers. Team 10 Ice shared their determination when participating in the competition: “Although we come from many different majors, we are like an iceberg. When we entered the new environment, we were very shy but when we entered the competition, we were ready to become "Ice-Breakers" to integrate. We are lone warriors, but now we are united, with the desire to experience, explore and dare to let go of hesitation."

“HER DISH” – English writing contest on Vietnam Women's Day October 20

vlu sinh vien khoa dac biet h

In addition to the “Ice-Breaking Tour” program, the Honors Training Program organized an English writing contest “HER DISH” from October 13 to October 24, 2021, expanding the scale for students of all backgrounds who are studying the Honors Training Program. The contest helped students express their love to special women on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10.

Contestants shared a dish made by their special woman and told their story. Behind each seemingly simple dish contained stories of great love and respect.

MSc. Tran Nguyen Hai Ngan - Deputy Director of the Institute of International Training, Van Lang University and MSc. Doan Duy Thai Lam - Deputy Director of Honors Training Program as judge of the English writing contest "HER DISH". After more than a week of organization, the contest received positive responses from the students with 53 entries.

vlu sinh vien khoa dac biet kContestant Le Duc Huy, a student of Course 27, Faculty of Public Relations - Communication.

Coming to the contest, Duc Huy wished to send a message to his aunt who passed away after fighting with Covid-19: "Through the contest, I hope to be able to express my love, gratitude and respect for my aunt. This is an apple pie made by my aunt. Hopefully one day, I can successfully bake an apple pie, using my aunt's secret ingredients with love and passion."

vlu sinh vien khoa dac biet lContestant Ma Hoai Thuy Phuong, student of Course 27, Faculty of Public Relations - Communication.

Ma Hoai Thuy Phuong, a student of Course 27 of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication sent her gratitude to her grandmother: “My grandmother is a wonderful, brave and simple woman. I grew up with grandma's food. She cooks for her children and grandchildren with love, it is love that makes everything special. Currently, I have to live away from her because I am starting a new life at the University. No matter how great the street food is, it can't be compared with the food she made because those dishes carry the flavor of family and love."

Starting a new school year with many interesting activities from the Honors Training Program, we hope that the freshmen of Course 27 can quickly integrate into the University environment, making new friends through the courses, activities, extracurricular programs, and keeping good memories in their student life.

Reporter: Nam Vuong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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