Designer Quy Cao – Course 17’s Valedictorian in Fashion Design at Van Lang University won the Fashion Design Icon TikTok FashUP 2021 campaign

(VLU26/10/2021) – On 24 October 2021, the TikTok FashUP 2021 campaign had announced the winners of the four key competitions. Of which, designer Quy Cao – Course 17’s Valedictorian in Fashion Design at Van Lang University had brilliantly won the Fashion Design Icon award with his “Kaleidoscope” mini-collection.

In late August 2021, the TikTok FashUP 2021 campaign seeked and honored talented content creators specializing in beauty care and fashion in Vietnam. Qualified TikTokers would participate in the Beauty Icon, Modeling Icon, Fashion Icon, or Fashion Design Icon competition. On 24 October 2021, TikTok FashUP 2021’s final night took place, with 20 finalists of each competition.

vlu top 5 tiktok fashup aQuy Cao was one of the five finalists of the TikTok FashUP 2021’s Fashion Design Icon competition, standing alongside other talented young designers.

The 1st TikTok FashUP campaign attracted more than 2,200 content creators, including design Quy Cao – Course 17’s Valedictorian in Fashion Design at Van Lang University. Design Quy Cao said: “I participated in the competition just for fun, but I realized it was a prominent and professional one once I made it to the top 200 candidates.”

vlu Screenshot 1533Design QuyCao’s submissions for rounds 1 and 2 of the TikTok FashUP 2021.

Quy Cao competed in various rounds with numerous attractive and breakthough designs on his journey to conquer the Fashion Design Icon. In the first round, Quy Cao introduced a jacket design made of old paintings. When he made it to the top 200 candidates, Quy Cao worked in a team and produced five designs and a short video clip to deliver the message “uniform – unity – union,” satisfying the theme of the “Fashion is YOU” program.

vlu Quy cao 1Quy Cao and the models of the Kaleidoscope collection. (Photo: Kieng Can Team)

In the third round, designer Quy Cao had to come up with a collection of ten designs and create five video clips recording the making of the collection. Quy Cao chose the Kaleidoscope as the subject of the collection. He also developed new materials to make the collection more attractive. He completed the collection only for days before the TikTok FashUP 2021’s final night.

vlu Kinh van hoa 1

vlu Kinh van hoa 2

vlu Kinh van hoa 3

vlu Kinh van hoa 4

vlu Kinh van hoa 5

vlu Kinh van hoa 6

On the final night, three designs among Quy Cao’s Kaleidoscope collection received significant appraisals and were praised by the judges for designing creative and materials processing methods. Winning against four other young and talented designers, Quy Cao was brilliantly honored as the Fashion Design Icon competition winner.

vlu Quy cao 2Designer Quy Cao received honorable mention at the TikTok FashUP’s Fashion Design Icon awarding ceremony (Photo: Kieng Can Team)

Designer Quy Cao said at the awarding ceremony: “In terms of fashion, I usually start later than others, but I will try my best to dedicate my heart and soul to the development of Vietnam’s fashion. This achievement is significantly meaningful to me. It is the beginning of the journey to prove myself in the big ocean of fashion. Now I am just a tiny fish, but I will put my all to develop myself.”

With his new achievement, the young designer Quy Cao will continue to create more successes on his Fashion journey. We hope the Fashion Design Division at Van Lang University will nurture the next talented generations for Vietnam’s fashion.

Reporter: Nam Vuong

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