Van Lang University Honors Program students and MC Khanh Vy discuss Global Citizen

(VLU26/10/2021)  On Sunday morning, October 24th, 2021, Van Lang University continued the inspirational Honors Talk series with Khanh Vy, editor as well as host, and more than 100 Honors program students.


With the topic Global Citizen, guest Khanh Vy brought the story about the journey from a 17-year-old girl from Phan school to the MC of the well-known show "Road to Olympia". Through her own experiences, Khanh Vy believes: "A global citizen is someone aware of and understands the wider world – and their place in it. They take an active role in their community and work with others to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable, and fairer." To be a Global Citizen means that young Vietnamese need to integrate and build their position to get involved not only in Vietnam but also in global communities. Therefore, foreign languages ​​play a major role as well as become an indispensable tool for youth today.

vlu honors talk khanh vy aHonors Talk is a series of talk shows to meet, share inspirational stories with celebrities, exclusively for Honors students program which takes place once a month.

Once a "popular" girl thanks to her ability to imitate seven different languages, Khanh Vy has a huge passion for foreign languages that launch pad to help her find many opportunities for herself. In her opinion, English and foreign languages play more than a communication tool besides learners' awareness of the diversity of human culture. It also helps them figure out how to respect individuals' differences and bring people closer together.

Admit that she is not perfect, having shortcomings in communicating, English program hosting; However, she has never given up or fallen because of the weakness or comments of the audience and people around. "I have a lot of notebooks to only record my mistakes and how to fix them. Every day I often write down the things I don't know and turn "I don't know how to..." into my motivation, like a journey of discovery". – Khanh Vy shared confidence, a sense of marketability, and self-study ability are leading factors being trained and practiced to become a global citizen. 

Formula 90 - 90 - 1 & SUSTAINABLE CORE VALUES

Putting countless effort into her foreign languages passion ​​and educational content production, Khanh Vy shared with the Honors program students lots of tips for self-study and self-development, such as 90-90-1, spending 90 minutes during 90 days to master one thing, keeping a foreign language making sharp as you want. According to her, what young people have is enthusiasm and the spirit of the challenge. They also need a specific goal and a roadmap to overcome certain milestones set by themself. Internal motivation and external motivation are major factors that need to be together for each person to continue their chosen path.

vlu honors talk khanh vy cThe question-answer session between Khanh Vy and Honor program students is entirely in English.

However, she emphasizes that excessive enthusiasm leads to "workaholic" and the habit of being afraid of saying "No" makes us easily fall into a state of "overload", even losing our direction. Khanh Vy shared that she used to go through a challenging period and have to do many tasks at the same time, besides that she faced the decision between giving up her university studies or developing her singing career or vice versa. "Passion is when I fall, I still want to get up and keep going" - To Khanh Vy, her passion and core value are her personal development and educational foundation. On top of the popularity of the social networking phenomenon, Khanh Vy wishes to make more valuable contributions to education and inspire the community.

Within 90 minutes of the talk show, Khanh Vy energized Honor Program students of Van Lang university, which helps Honorees have more motivation and rich inspiration for readily spreading the positive values ​​for society, to become a true Global Citizen.

Reporter: Hoai Anh
Translated by: Vuong Phuong 

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