Annual Political Education: Van Lang University welcomes Course freshmen

(VLU23/10/2021) From October 12, 2021, to October 19, 2021, the first political education's week of Course 27 was held with many interesting contents and topics, this is an annual series of activities organized by Van Lang University (VLU) exclusively for new students, providing information and timely answers to questions for students to adapt to the new environment at VLU.

This year, the activity was held online with the special gifted guests: Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of Van Lang University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Principal of VLU, Dr. To Nhi A – Psychologist, CEO Tran Viet Bao Hoang, Runner-up of the Miss Universe Kim Duyen etc. as a unique greeting that VLU gave to Course 27 freshmen.

"Starting a new school year in a special social context makes course 27 freshmen inevitably worried and surprised. However, with the development of digital technology, students also have the opportunity to build a new way of learning, breaking the limitations of existing traditional teaching and learning. Study anywhere, no matter what the time or even be more proactive in choosing a class lecturer in accordance with their own wishes" – the warm share from Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of VLU for Course 27 students.

TS NGUYEN CAO TRIDr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of Van Lang University welcomes course 27 freshmen

Also, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – the Principal, congratulated and encouraged the course 27 freshmen to successfully overcome the challenge, complete the important exam and officially enter the “new sky” named University. In the current of the times, unexpected changes in society require people to be ready to adapt. Learners must now equip themselves with the ability to learn well, be proactive in the process of finding and receiving knowledge. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, up to 70% of each person's future working capacity comes from his or her own experience in training and learning. Therefore, appreciate every moment, make the most of time and ability to have the best opportunity to develop and cultivate themselves.

CEO BAO HOANGCEO Tran Viet Bao Hoang, Runner-up of the Miss Universe Kim Duyen in the sharing titled “Inspirational People”

Following up the series, Course 27 freshmen have met and had an interesting talk with CEO Tran Viet Bao Hoang and Runner-up of the Miss Universe Kim Duyen, deep listen to their emotional “real people, real stories” things, which inspire students in their university journey.

TS TO NHI ADr. To Nhi A, Psychologist

Dr. To Nhi A, PhD. In Psychology and freshmen have met each other and all together, they shared how to determine the learning method, effective learning roadmap in the next 4 years and also the future of the profession. “There are different training methods at universities and highschools. In addition to fully preparing the mind, you must learn about the characteristics of higher education, enhance, and promote the element of self-study, equipped with the right learning techniques to adapt to this training process." – shared Dr. To Nhi A.

Playground – What special at Van Lang University?

Not only questions about regulations, rules, study plans, etc, Course 27 freshmen are also very interested in the facilities as well as activities at VLU. Through the sharing of "WHAT DOES VAN LANG HAVE?", MA. Dinh Xuan Toa - Director of The Student Support Center introduces to students a lot of information about the activities, club - teams, information channels from the university, along with useful learning advice: "Each student has a period of 4-6 years of university. This time will be much more for those who know how to arrange but will also pass very quickly if you neglect your studies. Adjusting the balance between learning and experience will be a necessary skill to both gain knowledge and build personal relationships."

THS DUONG TRONG PHUCMA. Duong Trong Phuc – Vice Principal of Ly Tu Trong Union School

On October 16, during the seminar on "Students with the law and culture of behavior on social networks", MA. Duong Trong Phuc - Vice Principal of Ly Tu Trong Union School emphasized: "No longer a virtual system, social networking is now an important part of life, which contributes to our brand identity. Social networking is a society in cyberspace, but the interaction is real. Be careful with your actions and words on social media, to avoid unfortunate consequences in real life." In addition, he provides a lot of useful information about how to use, culture of behavior on social networks and important notes on the Government’s Law on Cybersecurity so that new students proactively equip themselves with the necessary skills to avoid adverse situations for themselves when interacting, chatting to each other on the digital space flatforms.

Ending the meaningful series for Course 27, freshmen are all received a spiritual gift from Van Lang University: a lovely MV “Be VLU students” and the special edition with gifted guests: K-ICM Music Producer, Vicky Nhung the singer, RYO, Nam Duong singer (currently studies at Faculty of Tourism, VLU) – the owner of trendy song “3107”, CDs Crew dancing team, making an exciting atmosphere for the new school year.

Reporter: The Huu
Translated by: Ha Van

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