International Education Institute’s students conquered the workshop on “Academic Writing Training”

(VLU, 19/10/2021) – On 07 and 14 October 2021, the International Education Institute (IEI) organized the online workshop on “Academic Writing Training” to provide the students with an overall picture of how to prepare and manage standardized academic writing.

Reports and essays are parts of every academic course. However, they are not usually an easy task for the students. The workshop on “Academic Writing Training” – conquering academic writing, was organized by IEI to provide instructions and training related to briefing skills and academic layout drafting. The activity was significantly practical to the first-year students, who had just attended a new studying environment at Van Lang University. Both sessions of the workshop were hosted by MSc. Tran Nguyen Hai Nga – IEI’s Deputy Director and Mr. Elmer Ferrer Cierva – IEI’s lecturer and QA specialist.

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In the first session on 07 October, Mr. Elmer Ferrer Cierva and the students discussed the common types of academic writing of the university level such as thesis, essay, project, report, and research study to help the students understand two matters:

  • What is academic writing?
  • How to understand and brief the exercises?

Compared to the writing tasks at the high school level, the writing assignments at the university level propose significant changes. The students need to get a hold of the writing styles such as describing, analyzing, persuading, and criticizing to perform excellent tasks.

Citation and quotation of scientific bases prove that a work, report, or research study has solid scientific grounds. On 14 October 2021, the IEI students continued their second session to get the lectures from MSc. Tran Nguyen Hai Ngan on the methods to look for references, data, and reports on accredited referencing sources; cite and quote according to the Harvard referencing styles.

MSc. Tran Nguyen Hai Ngan reminded the students that different types of academic writing had different layouts and content. If the students could comprehend the basis of drafting layouts for an essay or report, they could save much time and clearly understand what to do before starting their writing.

vlu iei hoc thuat cBasic structure of an essay and a report

vlu iei hoc thuat aThe workshop offered exciting and joyful moments for both students and lecturers.

Once they had comprehended the theories provided by the two lecturers, the first batch of IEI students at Van Lang University would form groups and work on exercises. Both the lecturers and students attended efficient, helpful, and knowledgeable sessions to help facilitate their study and future career.

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