Building a video resume - an opportunity to catch employer’s eye

(VLU, 03/11/2021) - The workshop "How to build a video resume” is co-organized on October 23rd, 2021 by the Department of International Cooperation & Scientific Research (Van Lang University) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) that brings VLU students lots of useful instructions and necessary skills to catch the employers’ eye.

With society’s continuous development and change, the workplace and recruitment standards have also improved. They require employees to constantly improve their experience along with skills. To the youth, it is essential to prepare an eye-catching and extraordinary resume for employers besides revealing their abilities, knowledge as well as experience.

vlu workshop tao cv bang video cThe workshop "How to build a video resume" organized by Van Lang University and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) attracted more than 300 participants.

The seminar "How to build a Video Resume-Video Resume workshop" held on two days, October 23rd and November 2nd, address university students, especially third and fourth-year students, preparing for graduation. With the support of speaker Arlene Gonzales from AIT, students learn how to express their personality, develop creativity and become more confident during the recruitment interview process.

Building a video resume is a way to convey a short story about yourself in the video clip format. This is not a complete replacement for the conventional method which has been used and invested in terms of content, layout, and images. However, attaching a video resume with the CV will help candidates stand out from the rest and increase their chances of being invited to an interview. It's quite rare for companies to require or request video resumes from the candidates, but in some particular fields like audiovisual or media, a video resume can highlight valuable skills. Also, a video resume can be an excellent way to show off your personality; for people in client-facing roles, whose work involves charming prospective buyers, a video resume may be beneficial.

vlu workshop tao cv bang video bAccording to speaker Arlene Gonzales (AIT), social networking sites today are very important, expressing our worldview, daily life, interests and contributing to the first impression to catch the employers' eye.

According to Ms. Arlene Gonzales, video résumés are highly effective and employer's impression, candidates need to note the following eight details:

  • Prepare a script in advance before shooting
  • Understand the job you are applying for and the employer
  • Convey very succinctly
  • Don't hesitate, be creative
  • Show professionalism through content
  • Choose a suitable filming location
  • Say what the employer wants to hear from you
  • Please prove it with numbers

More specifically, to participate in the seminar, students have the opportunity to experience and build their video resume with the topic given by Ms. Arlene Gonzales. After completing the product, students will receive feedback and comments, as well as more sharing of "secrets" from Van Lang University speakers and teachers.

Reporter: Phung Le Van
Translated by: Phuong Vuong

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