TikTok Dance Challenge 2021 “Going Vietnam” concluded in success

(VLU, 13/10/2021) - Previously, TikTok Dance Challenge 2021 “Going Vietnam” was premiered on Van Lang University’s TikTok channel and defined the finalists. The submissions acquired enormous view counts and interactions while dedicating meaningful messages to the frontline fighter against the Covid-19 pandemic.

TikTok Dance Challenge 2021 “Going Vietnam” was organized on the TikTok social network from 01 to 15 October 2021. The contest aimed to introduce VLU students’ musical works and encourage Vietnam’s youth to overcome the pandemic.

“Going Vietnam” MV was composed by Le Trung Kien – Business Administration student of course 25 dedicated to the medical staff and soldiers fighting against the pandemic. The song marked a deep impression for the Van Lang student community on social network platforms. The choreography performed in the MV was scripted by Van Lang students for this contest.

After two weeks, the contest acquired enormous interaction from the Van Lang student community and received 66 submissions from the students of 15 faculties. Those works reached a total of 864,000 view counts on TikTok. On 17 October, the organizing committee announced ten finalists, including one first-prize, one second-prize, one third-prize, four consolation prizes, and three prizes for most viewed video clips.

vlu giai nhat a

The first prize was awarded to Trinh Thuy Vy (PR student of course 27) with a score of 7,367 pts. Thuy Vy is quite a familiar face on TikTok. The first-year student of course 27 is a hot TikToker among the Van Lang student community with 532,000 followers and 7.2 million likes on this platform. Her “Going Vietnam” clip submitted to TikTok Dance Challenge quickly gained extensive attention, and significant view counts.

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The second prize of TikTok Dance Challenge 2021 – “Going Vietnam” was awarded to Nguyen Huu Thinh – Tourism student of course 25 with a total score of 5,285 pts. He was known as a TikToker specializing in K-pop and V-pop music. As he participated in the contest, he said: “During the social distancing, online contests help the Van Lang student community to entertain and get joyful experience at home. The activity was not only a contest for Van Lang students’ self-composting songs but also an opportunity for us to display our cheer for the fight against the pandemic.”

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The third prize was awarded to Dinh Thi My Tam – PR student of course 26. She was among the first participants of the TikTok Dance Challenge – “Going Vietnam” right after the contest was launched. After two weeks of the online exhibition, her work achieved 4,554 pts, and 87,400 view counts.

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The consolation prizes were awarded to four following students, including Nguyen Ho My Nhi – PR student of course 27 (3,811 pts), Tran Truong Phuong Anh – Foreign Languages student of course 25 (3,612 pts), Nguyen La Uyen Nhi – PR student of course 26 (3,604 pts), and Phung Cam Thuy – PR student of course 26 (3,525 pts).

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Infographic video of the overall outcome of TikTok Dance Challenge – “Going Vietnam.”

Although it was a contest that Van Lang University dedicated to the TikTokers among the Van Lang student community, TikTok Dance Challenge 2021 – “Going Vietnam” had received significant attention from the students. We hope this success could outspread the optimistic energy to the Van Lang student community, so they can stay persistent in overcoming the pandemic.


Nam Vuong

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