Student’s Institutional Research Study in Applied Linguistics achieved an outstanding award

(VLU, 14/10/2021On the morning of 13 October 2021, the reviewing board for students’ institutional research studies at Van Lang University had organized a committee to evaluate the study on “Studying Musical Parody genre in Vietnam (2015 – 2020)” led by Nguyen Trung Nghia – Social Sciences and Humanities student of course 23.

The reviewing session welcomed MA. Dao Thi Diem Trang – the research study’s supervisor, and the committee members, including Dr. Ho Quoc Hung – Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH)’s Vice-Dean as the Chairman and Critic, Dr. Nguyen Hoai Thanh – Applied Literature Lecturer as the Critic; and MSc. Ngo Thi Ngoc Thuy as the member and secretary.

By providing the theoretical bases, establishment, and development of the parody genre, the research study clarified the misunderstanding that parody was just a trend or a phenomenon. Thanks to the studying process, the students proved that parody was a branch of the adaptation genre, which was recognized as an art form. In addition, the study also pointed out the escalation of the musical parodies genre in Vietnam. Besides the positive elements, the author also defined the setbacks in applying this genre to the current trend; thus, proposing the solutions to help the parody and musical parody genre get recognized as an official art form.

vlu nghiem thu de tai nghien cuu khoa hoc sinh vien bThe review board gave big applause for the research study on “Studying the Musical Parody genre in Vietnam (2015 – 2020)”

Dr. Nguyen Hoai Thanh praised the author for his improvements and efforts. According to Dr. Thanh, it was a brilliant and highly invested study consisting of theoretical contributions, practical analyses in its development process, and setbacks of this artform in Vietnam.

The Chairman – Dr. Ho Quoc Hung, identified the research study as a breakthrough amidst the “scarcity of research topics” in the Literature field. He said: “In terms of theory, it took centuries to form, develop, get evaluated, and validate a genre in the past. However, thing changes as we are in an information explosion era. One fact might vary daily, yet we could not deny it. An artform must at least acquire the popular attention and last for several decades; thus, it is necessary for the researchers to consider.” He praised the author for his brave actions proving his eagerness and scientific ideology.

Dr. Ho Quoc Hung also said: “I suggest the young generations and researchers always to believe that you can do it. Wait for no one to lead your way, because even “nonsense ideas” could result in foundations for new explorations.”

Putting the praising words aside, the critics proposed various contributive suggestions to help make the study’s layout more concise. As for the content, the author needed to provide more empirical data related to the actual situation of the parody genre in various regions to enhance the commitment of the study.

As the supervisor, MA. Dao Thi Diem Trang – the FSSH lecturer at Van Lang University, said: “It was the first research study he had ever worked on during his undergraduate program. Due to the distinctive traits of the Applied Literature major, it was the first time for the student to carry out a research study. Although there were many challenges, the student quickly kept up the pace and took ownership in his researching activities.”

The review board agreed that the research study on “Studying the Musical Parody gendre in Vietnam (2015 – 2020)” exceeded the current studying level through discussion and evaluation. The board suggested that the student better understand the essential terms and limitations to practice balance, continuity, and logic in scientific theories regarding the research study’s content. It is crucial to enhance the theoretical factors of the generality of the discussed topic and reduce the emotional assumptions.

As the reviewing session concluded, the institutional research study by Nguyen Trung Nghia received an excellent evaluation with the result of 90/100 pts.


 Le Nguyen Cham Khanh

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