Decoding the Supply Chain Management profession at Q Show

(VLU, 18/10/2021) – On the morning of 17 October 2021, the Faculty of Business Administration aired the first episode of Q Show – ending the “issues” of “technical skills required for operation.” The activity aimed to provide an in-depth analysis related to the Supply Chain Management (SCM) profession.

The talk show welcomed Dr. Do Thanh Luu – Head of the Operation Division of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) at Van Lang University; Mr. Nguyen Cong Manh – Alumnus of course nine at Van Lang University, employee at Unilever for seven years, founder and director of Manh Hung Nguyen Co., Ltd.; Mr. Ngo Hoang Nam – Quality Assurance Supervisor at Target Corporation – 8th biggest retailing chain in the USA.

vlu chuong trinh q show bQ Show – ending the “issues” is a live-streamed activity, which should take place twice a week to help BA students acquire support related to their study, future career, and daily routine.

Vietnam is currently a global major “manufacturing stronghold”. During the previous Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, it was evident that the manufacturing activities in Vietnam strongly influenced the production chain of many corporations and brands worldwide. It could be said that SCM in Vietnam has been and is currently a significantly potential career, which requires a considerable number of workforces. Dr. Do Thanh Luu opened the talk show with his speech: “If you acquire solid understanding in specialized knowledge, internal management, and account management, you should have no problem promoting at a rapid pace and acquire a high possibility to work for a multinational corporation with an outstanding payroll and promising career path.” According to Dr. Do Thanh Luu, thanks to the knowledge acquired at Van Lang University, VLU students should have competitive advantages in account engagement, business analytic abilities, and good English skills to best perform at their position.

As a technical graduate, Mr. Ngo Hoang Nam – Materials Quality Supervisor at Target Corporation, initially started his career in SCM from scratches. Thus, he needed to learn and undergo various positions bit by bit to enrich his experience constantly. “I started my career in SCM as a Trainee Manager. After seven years working in various positions such as manufacturing management, enhancement, purchasing, and product development, he achieved many emerging and multi-aspect understanding of the company,” – said Mr. Nam. According to Mr. Nam, there is no mainstream career path or accompanying mentor to help you with your career development. It is different from studying at a university with mapped curriculums; work requires us to change, keep up-to-date, and improve ourselves to adapt to new situations quickly.

For Mr. Nguyen Cong Manh – Alumnus of course nine at Van Lang University and CEO of Manh Hung Nguyen Co., Ltd., cross-department relationships are essential to operate efficiently. In addition, attitude is also a key element to achieving success. “In any situation, it is essential to keep an appropriate attitude and creativity to optimize the process or even exceed the expectations.” – said Mr. Manh.

In terms of technical understanding in SCM, all guest speakers suggested more skills would provide more benefit, especially for the managers. However, it required a period of studying and enriching the knowledge. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam said: “Technical knowledge is significantly broad, and the employers do not hire us to become the experts or researchers of our fields. It is crucial to acquire the standardized knowledge and understanding;  and accumulate to optimize our performance, consult the customers, understand and maintain smooth communication among internal departments.

During the 90-minute online talk show, the students of Q house acquired many helpful lessons and consolidated their knowledge in SCM to help them decide their profession and future career path. Q Show – Ending the “issue” would return with more exciting and practical topics to inspire the students with their future careers.

 Reporter: Phuong Anh

Translated by: An Pham

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