Busy season of civic activities at the beginning of the "special" schoolyear

(VLU11/10/2021) - From late August to mid-October 2021, Van Lang University kicked off the new school year with a series of civic activities courses bearing the hallmarks of each Faculty, helping students to overview of the study program and directly exchange questions about living and studying life at VLU with the Board of Directors, teachers of the Faculty.

Citizenship activities are known as a "specialty" of universities in general. However, at VLU, this is not only an announcement event, in order to train the contents of the school code of conduct, basic information about the school and class, but also an opportunity for all students to attend. Students from each faculty gather together, share information as well as directly dialogue and exchange questions with teachers on the occasion of the new school year. Before the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the activities were conducted in the form of online. Depending on the organizational plan, each Faculty has one or more separate activities for different courses and branches.


In the framework of the meeting at the beginning of the year, teachers and students together summed up a series of exciting activities of the Faculty. Facing the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020-2021 school year passed with many changes and unforgettable memories. Overcoming the challenge, VLU's teachers and students have made many contributions and received certificates of merit and convincing awards in the fields of research, academia, domestic and foreign talent arenas; Links with international educational units and prestigious enterprises continue to be maintained and developed; The obstacles in moving also do not affect the desire of VLU students through online internships, international internships, plans to study abroad under the scholarship program between Van Lang and other universities.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan aThe school year 2020 - 2021 is a memorable year for teachers and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages when they have achieved many successes in the international scientific research school.


Under the guidance of the teachers, the students will have an overview of the curriculum, be guided in detail and have enough regulations and training plans of the disciplines to be ready to build for themselves the best study plan.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, some faculties such as Commerce, Business Administration, Applied Arts, etc. have implemented internship models at enterprises or teaching internships under the guidance of teachers 100% online. This is a meaningful activity, receiving positive feedback from the students, demonstrating the flexibility in training direction, and the ability to quickly adapt to the current social situation.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan cThe Faculty of Commerce has actively connected with businesses, providing online internship opportunities during the epidemic season for more than 400 students (Course 24) and will continue to implement this model until returning to daily life.

For some specific industry groups that cannot register for internships even during the epidemic season, faculties also actively plan to change the order of subjects, prioritizing courses that can be taught online first to prepare for organizing internships in the semester after the epidemic situation stabilizes, ensuring the practical experience for students studying at VLU.

USEFUL DIALOGUE                   

The dialogue sessions with the students of the courses are also the time for the Board of Directors to listen to the students' contributions. During the epidemic period, many students with financial difficulties expressed their desire to be understood and shared by the University through the financial support policy with different cases and circumstances..

In addition, from August 23 to 29, 2021, students of each course participated in an online activity titled "Inspiration and motivation for learning" and a focus session with guests who are famous personalities such as: MC Lieu Ha Trinh, beauty blogger Chloe Nguyen, psychology doctor To Nhi A, runner-up Kieu Loan, actress Ngoc Thanh Tam, MC Nguyen Khang and Shark Do Lien, helping Van Lang students gain more useful knowledge for study and in life.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan eWith the theme "Positive thinking - Reaching out", runner-up Kieu Loan opened the activities of students of course 25.

To make the event more useful, the Faculty also invited successful alumni, cooperative business representatives or speakers who are entrepreneurs and famous people in the field to attend and share experience as well as opportunities to learn and work at prestigious businesses for the Van Lang student community.


The meetings at the beginning of the school year at VLU are a gift for all students, but especially the junior generation who have just entered the university environment, not only having a civic meeting to disseminate knowledge, The junior generation also had an Introductory Ceremony held by the teachers and predecessors, welcoming you to the great VLU family. It can be said that with the 27th class, the first online chats of the year are a memorable "one-of-a-kind". Welcome ceremony of Faculty of Architecture is carefully invested from the subject to the stages of images, musical repertoire of architectural style; A Ready of the Fashion Design Major is not shy to show off personality; Welcome ceremony for new students of the Faculty of Theater Arts - Cinema with the participation of the People's Artist. Viet Anh, actor Nam Thu, singer and actor Nam Cuong - the names that captivate the Vietnamese screen audience with many typical works... each faculty has a distinct color, creating richness and distinctive features characteristics of each "house" in an increasingly open VLU community.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan fThe symposium of the Faculty of Theater Arts - Cinema was attended by many famous names such as People's Artists Viet Anh, actor Nam Thu, singer Nam Cuong,...

The impacts brought by the Covid-19 pandemic have temporarily separated people from each other, but at the same time, it also trained us to be flexible, adapt to the same circumstances and make many unexpected memories. Although it is not possible to come to the school at this time, we hope that VLU students still have beautiful moments to welcome the new school year, and still keep their enthusiasm in studying as well as in school activities.

Hoai Anh

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