Club activities – should or should not?

(VLU, 08/10/2021) One of the unique’s student-life experiences at Van Lang University is the networking activities at the local clubs. The University currently has 52 clubs, teams, and groups covering diversified areas such as academic works, soft skills, cultural studies, arts, and sports. With a wide selection of choices, which one should be the best for the students of course 27?


Whether club the students join, they could study and enhance their expert skills and knowledge while developing their soft skills and social understanding through the available activities and campaigns. Participating in those activities would earn them not only the conducting bonuses but also the opportunities to create and extend their networks.

vlu tham gia clb nen hay khong aThe University’s environment is not only a minimized version of the society but also a place permitting students to develop their networks and enrich their skills.

If the students could utilize the advantages from participating clubs, they could improve and build a strong foundation for their future development. Nguyen Do Hong Thuy – a PR student of course 25, said: “In my opinion, club activities are vital. They will help you become more mature while making new friends sharing common interests. Moreover, when I participated in club activities, I discovered many unexpected aspects of myself. In particular, I have found out many things that I never thought I could do before.


Choosing to join a club is an exchange. A representative of the Tourism Skills Club (Faculty of Tourism) said: “Besides studying, most members usually spend their time on part-time jobs and club activities. Sometimes, it is challenging to balance our schedule for studies, careers, and club activities. Some members do not have their means of transport, so it could be hard for them to participate in the activities requiring traveling or having irregular schedules.”

Many students found it difficult to allocate their time for their interests, which resulted in declined studying performance or “dropping out” of club activities because they could maintain their passions and sense of balance.


Should club activities are “compulsory” for university students? Apart from on-campus activities at clubs, teams, and clubs, the students may also participate in out-of-school activities for the youth. When joining a club, they should witness a minimized version of the actual society. Each decision they make will support their future success. Therefore, instead of choosing according to the majority, it is necessary to ask “what do you want?” and “how would you like to develop yourself?” before making any decision.

Dinh Hoang Thinh – a Tourism and Leisure Management student and Leader of the Traditional Martial Arts Club, shared his experience: “I spent ten years practicing this style of martial arts. I am currently the chairman and the trainer of our club. I find the club activities enjoyable because my goals are to improve myself, change others’ mindset about practicing traditional martial arts, perceive this style of martial arts as a method of enhancing my health, understand the traditions and customs through performing choreographed martial arts and martial-arts-based performing arts as a part of my club activities.”

vlu tham gia clb nen hay khong cA practicing session of the Traditional Martial Arts Club

Nguyen Do Hong Thuy – Leader of 3N Club (Nghe (Listening) – Nghi (Thinking) – Noi (Speaking), said: “Joining 3N Club is the best decision of my student life because it helps me develop significantly. Whether it was a good or bad memory, my time spending with other club members was precious. This club makes me feel like home because we support one another in both studying and our daily life.”

“Club Activities – Should or Should not?” is dependent on each student. Four years at a university is the best time to develop and enrich their experience, skills, and knowledge. It is recommended to carefully think about what they should invest their time in to create unforgettable memories. If you find it challenging to participate in a club during the social distancing, please keep track of the member recruiting notice on your favorite club’s fan page.

Van Lang University currently has 52 clubs, teams, and groups on both university and faculty levels covering many areas such as academic works, skills, cultural studies, arts, and sports. Each faculty usually has at least one literary club to allow the students to exchange their studies, participate in extra-curricular activities, and practice foreign languages. Of which, we would like to recommend 24 outstanding clubs for the students of Course 27 as follows:

Phung Le Van
PR student of course 24

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