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(VLU, 29/9/2021) - GenZ includes the ones born and raised during the era of the Internet Explosion (from 1996 to 2010), where the diversified sources of information are approachable. This fact offers them both advantages and influences on their personality and lifestyle development.

The “adjectives” to describe GenZ are usually stylish, creative, and dynamic. They possess the youth and passion for exploring and uncovering new things. Many spend much time pursuing a life of freedom consisting of the following philosophies: a lifestyle of freedom, financial freedom, or freedom of speech. GenZ is the trend creator; they escape from the traditions and finds their new ways. They dare to speak out their ideas, express their points of view, and prefer not to be a standard individual. Moreover, GenZ needs to identify specific aspects to adapt to the current circumstances and achieve better working and studying performance.


Although it is not a majority, yet the focusing ability could be the only weakness for GenZ. The world is changing every minute, and more and more updated information is available. GenZ benefits from this mechanism, so they can quickly acquire and process the information with ease. However, it also results in distractions for their study, creativity, and career. GenZ could promptly adapt to new technologies, yet they have to bear more extraordinary life’s burden, especially the persistent changes in mental issues or ethical values. Online “dramas” become their daily interests instead of the moral stories of role models doing great things. In the long run, this matter could deal significant impacts on their social behaviors and reactions. GenZ should focus on their essential responsibilities because studying and working are their crucial duties. It is recommended that they pursue their way of life, improve themselves, and enhance their focusing capability by scientific methods.

Better “multi-tasking” ability

Multi-tasking is a preferable topic for employers when speaking of GenZ because they can carry out different tasks anytime and anywhere. For example, it is not strange to see a young white-collar professional who possesses brilliant computer skills and excellent performance in content creation, clip shooting, editing, translation, or financial analysis. They are the unique essences that make GenZ become our future outstanding workforce.

vlu gen z nen biet aGenZ is more dynamic, self-confident, and ready for challenges in different fields.

The start-up model is suitable for their traits. In the first stage of a start-up, the founder(s) must take responsibility for various duties and unexpected situations. A laptop or a smartphone is all you need to work, even when going on a trip or practicing social distancing. Tasks that seem unimaginable for the previous generations now are within the grasp of GenZ; in fact, they could even earn high incomes from unique activities such as E-sports, Livestreaming, or TikTok content creator. In general, they must develop what they are capable of while improving specific professional skills. By doing so, they could become the “masters” of their fields and be irreplaceable individuals in a competing labor market.

Better independent working ability

As GenZ could engage diversified sources of information, they possessed considerable problem-solving skills. As a matter of fact, all data is digitalized and available in detail on tech forums, Youtube, or Google. Many experts share their knowledge and “tips” to solve from daily life to more complex problems. Nevertheless, GenZ prefers to self-study than to learn from the previous generations or in class. Their independent working ability is a brilliant competence.

On the other hand, since we live in a human-to-human interactive society, a team of the matching components could generate more productive and creative outcomes. Therefore, GenZ must learn to define themselves while working as an efficient member of a team. Besides, data saturation and the booming of fake news might cause specific impacts on their independent working process. Therefore, it is essential to find a “mentor” to help orient you from the very first steps.

Better Globalizing Skills

GenZ is the new generation carrying greater social and environmental responsibilities. They have clearly expressed their creative ideas and enthusiastically participated in social activities to solve global problems such as global warming, special needs education, digitalization, medical availability, or gender equality. Thanks to their brilliant foreign languages and computer skills, it is easier for GenZ to reach out to the world than the previous generations. Moreover, some of them grew up during the economic depression, thus benefiting their parents’ economic thinking. As a result, they performed better in cost management, allowing them to cope with the current trends.

Identification and Settlement of Problems

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s study in 2019, there are three essential skills to promise GenZ’s good performance: Critical Thinking, Complex Problems Solving, and Communication Skills. All those skills are available in Van Lang University’s courses, extra-curriculum, or club activities.

GenZ possessing an emerging lifestyle, usually finds theory-based classes less attractive. For them, courses with less experiential learning or practical connections are becoming obsolete. At Van Lang University, new generations of young and dynamic lecturers sharing the same personalities and thinkings with GenZ will help them enjoy the lecture and become more willing to self-study.

Once GenZ enters the university level, they should get ready to join the creative start-up and labor market. As a matter of fact, many businesses and role models inside and outside Van Lang University should trigger their passion for experiencing and discovering. Daring to challenge, daring to fail, and daring to pursue new targets should help them define their value. Once they could be aware of their core values,  get self-confidence, and acquire life-long learning abilities, they should not have any problems creating their unique life.

MD. Phan Thanh Cong
Faculty of Medicine

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