VLU's Career Week 2021: Talkshow "Path to manager" - Conquer employers during the Covid-19 pandemic

(VLU, 01/10/2021- On September 27, 2021, Talkshow "Path to Manager" - part of the series events of Van Lang Career Week, was held online, providing provide students with the right skills to increase their chances of getting hired when applying for a job, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Van Lang Career Week - VLU'S Career Week 2021 is organized by the Student Competence Development Center of Van Lang University and other organizations to equip students with useful information before entering the labor market. After the Webinar "Standard for Career" on September 27, 2021, the Talk Show "Path to Manager" was held in an online format, with the participation of speakers from big companies, attracting more than 2,600 Van Lang students to participate.

At this Talkshow, the students met two speakers with many years of experience in the field of human resources: Ms. Pham Quynh Diep - Human Resources Director of King Mattress Joint Stock Company; Mr. Than Tien Toan - Head of Human Resources Department of Camso Vietnam Company (Member of Michelin Group). Throughout the Talkshow, students shared many interesting stories revolving around the following topics: Recruitment process of the Economics industry during the Covid-19 pandemic; Pathways and essentials for students to develop and advance to management positions; Self-management and skills required in a young leader.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang jDr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of Faculty of Business Administration gave opening speech on Talkshow “Path to Manager”

Opening the program, Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration of Van Lang University shared her desire to accompany students in fostering skills and knowledge to meet market needs: "Besides teaching knowledge, we always want to participate in exchange activities directly with students to help them improve their knowledge. For students, I hope that you can equip yourself with the most stable luggage after graduation. Career talkshow activities help students understand what businesses need to be able to hone their skills and knowledge right from now.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang kSpeaker Pham Quynh Diep advises students to understand themselves, prepare a solid foundation of knowledge and skills when applying for jobs.

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated in the community, the recruitment process of businesses has many changes. Ms. Pham Quynh Diep - Human Resources Director of Vua Nem Joint Stock Company said: "When the epidemic broke out, businesses that have not yet implemented digital transformation faced difficulties to connect personnel and continue working on the platform. online. Therefore, when applying for jobs during the epidemic period, students need to pay attention to businesses that have implemented digital transformation.

For speaker Quynh Diep, a good leader needs to have the following factors: bring value to others, responsibility, sincerity and good professional skills.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang lSpeaker Than Tien Toan shared the career development path with VLU students.

About the self-management ability of a young leader, Mr. Than Tien Toan - Head of Human Resources Department of Camso Vietnam shared: “The leadership position requires you to have a process of training discipline and enthusiasm. If you do not manage yourself well, it is easy to fall into undisciplined self, not complete the work, the goals set. To achieve a management position, the first thing is to understand and manage the work through each position from low to high, the problem of moving each position depends on the ability to learn and experience. Students can gain experience right from their university days through clubs, teams, groups, and activities of the Faculty and University.

In addition to useful information from the speakers, Van Lang students enthusiastically exchanged their questions about job opportunities, the application process, etc. Many students asked questions about the requirements, years of experience of candidates who have just graduated from University, job opportunities of students majoring in Economics, choosing a career in a different field, etc., through which, you add a lot of knowledge to prepare before entering the future job market.

Reporter:  Nam Vuong

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