Post-pandemic 'Fly away and Speed up' - What do businesses say?

(VLU, 30/9/2021) - Following VLU's Career Week 2021, on September 29, 2021, the talkshow "Fly away and Speed up" attracted more than 1,000 VLU students. The sharing session was led by guests from reputable businesses in the domestic service industry.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang q

2021 is a difficult year for the service industry group, with heavy losses of billions of dollars due to Covid-19. A series of businesses fell into a state of freezing, difficulties piled up, making students who have just graduated or are about to graduate in this industry inevitably bewildered. Coming to share and answer questions for Van Lang students about the service industry in the post-Covid-19 period, there were speakers:

  • Ms. Phuong Vo - Human Resources Director of Caravelle Hotel Saigon
  • Ms. Le Dinh Minh Thy - Director of the Southwest region of Vietravel Company
  • Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy - Deputy General Director of Passio Coffee Company


Sharing about the "mechanism" in the "danger" of the post-Covid period, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy - Deputy General Director of Passio Coffee Company said: "Passio's operating motto has always been "Selling coffee, do not sell seats”. The pandemic has contributed to pushing our strengths to the fullest extent." The pandemic had a strong impact on the market, posing a difficult problem for all businesses. Quickly adapting to change and having a reasonable relaunch strategy, 2022 could well be a period of strong acceleration for FnB businesses.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang NSpeaker Le Dinh Minh Thy - Director of the Southwest region, Vietravel Company shared at the event

From the perspective of the tourism industry, Ms. Le Dinh Minh Thy - Southwest Regional Director, Vietravel Company shared: "This is a milestone marking the transformation to adapt in a difficult context. With the inherent strength of exploiting Outbound tourism, Vietravel gradually shifted to focus on domestic tourists, offering typical domestic tourism products."


Talking about the service industry, if in the past we were aiming for sustainable tourism and environmental protection, now, the Restaurant - Hotel industry puts the criterion of "Safety" above all else. Customers will not dare to eat at your restaurant if the tables and chairs are close together, do not regularly disinfect. In the near future we will have a lot of organizations responsible for the safety of businesses in the service sector. We need to be ready for these things and prepare well to make a good impression in the hearts of customers.” - Ms. Phuong Vo, Human Resources Director of Caravelle Hotel Saigon commented.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang pSpeaker Nguyen Quoc Huy - Deputy General Director of Passio Coffee Company with interesting perspectives

The global pandemic also affects the living habits and eating trends of today's community. If in the past, customers tended to eat on the spot, now they use the service of buying for them or taking away more. This change in selection trend needs to be grasped by businesses and have a strategic plan to respond in a timely manner. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy shared: "At this point, we need to find a solution to bring a product to eat "at home" with the same quality as "at the restaurant." This is a question that people working in the service field must find and answer."


vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang oSpeaker Phuong Vo - Human Resources Director of Caravelle Hotel Saigon interacts with VLU students

Unexpected changes require people of the new era to quickly adapt to change, make quick judgments, and prepare positively mentally, ready to break through the limits. Besides spiritual baggage, according to speaker Phuong Vo - Human Resources Director of Caravelle Hotel Saigon, cultivating foreign language and technology skills is also important for Gen Z to quickly adapt to work in the 4.0 era. "Even as a student, we also need to orient ourselves clearly. Each business segment will have different competency requirements and standards. If we want to choose jobs in high segments, you need to make a good investment in learning foreign languages. But just one foreign language is not enough. To become an outstanding and outstanding employee, especially in the field of service, you should equip yourself with a second, third, or even fourth foreign language and other soft skills to increase your strengths in the future labor market."

Reporter: Phuong Anh Huynh

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