Civil Engineering students from Van Lang university won the Consolation Prize in the 5th Future Civil Engineers 2021

(VLU29/9/2021) - On the evening of September 26, the final round of The Future Civil Engineers academic competition in 2021 took place on Zoom platform, with the participation of 4 teams from 4 universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The VLU DREAM MARKERS from Van Lang University won the Consolation prize and 01 Best English Speaking award.

“THE FUTURE CIVIL ENGINEERS 2021” is an academic competition held annually by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. THE FUTURE CIVIL ENGINEERS 2021 kicked off with the theme of Creativity & Sustainable Development, which attracted many teams from universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City, including Van Lang University.

vlu doi thi xay dung van lang dat khuyen khich tfce aVLU DREAM MAKERS consists of 5 members: Tran Phu, Tran Quang Nhat, Huynh Le Anh Luan, Nguyen Thanh Dat (course 24) and Le Nguyen Tam (course 26), majoring in Civil Engineering, Van Lang University

VLU DREAM MARKERS consists of 5 boys from the Faculty of Civil Engineering led by MSc. Le Do Phuong An and MSc. Tran Thanh Trung and brought the SCHOOL OF DREAMS project - a project rooted in the connection between the children of Lam Dong province to build a preschool to empower children from ethnic minorities to come to school. Tran Phu - Leader of the group shared: “As children were born and raised here, we understand and sympathize with the difficulties and lack of learning conditions of the children. The current school is only 30m2 and has up to 40 preschool children attending. Simple classrooms, lacking basic learning equipment, 2 teachers both teach and work as nannies to take care of 40 children during school hours. Because of the lack of material conditions as well as the learning environment, they often have to drop out of school early.”

vlu doi thi xay dung van lang dat khuyen khich tfce bTran Phu and VLU DREAM MAKERS members cherish the dream of dedicating and helping children who are in need of a safe and convenient learning environment.

From understanding and empathy, the group cherished the idea of ​​SCHOOL OF DREAMS - building a new preschool with the symbol and hope of the people here: Coffee beans. According to the team's expectations, the new school will be rebuilt with a scale of 4 classes for 3 preschool levels: sprouts, buds, leaves and a common space for eating and sleeping. In particular, VLU DREAM MAKERS also devoted themselves to researching a new material to apply to the project, a special insulation board.

vlu doi thi xay dung van lang dat khuyen khich tfce c

This is a wooden board made from coffee husks that are discharged after the coffee crop. Previously, coffee grounds were only used by people as organic fertilizer for the following crops, but too much was not used up and had to be discarded, which was very wasteful. From here, the group came up with the idea to make insulation boards, wooden panels from coffee husks. The team plans to use a method of crushing rice husks by using caustic soda in an oxygen-free environment to break down the rice husks into cellulose textures. These cellulose granules are mixed with glue and additives to press twice, remove steam and put into a distillation machine to produce custom shaped wooden boards. More specifically, this glue does not use formaldehyde, meeting the needs of environmental protection during construction.

The project was highly appreciated by the faculty and instructors for its humanity. MSc. Le Do Phuong An shared: “You guys are very proactive in learning as well as giving good and practical ideas. School of Dream comes from Tran Phu - Team leader and also a guy from a poor countryside in Lam Dong province, where there are many ethnic minority children. More than anyone else, Phu understands the difficulties of the people here. Although the exchange and implementation process encountered many obstacles because of the Covid-19 epidemic situation, it did not slow you down. Online meetings still take place regularly. You are very active in practicing your presentation in English. That's why when receiving the Best English Speaking Award, everyone is surprised and very happy!"

vlu doi thi xay dung van lang dat khuyen khich tfce dThe VLU DREAM MAKERS team received many compliments and high scores for their presentation in English.

Season 5 The Future Civil Engineers ended, but the SCHOOL OF DREAMS project opened in the young men of the Faculty of Civil Engineering who are passionate and want to continue to learn and continue to contribute.

Tran Phu shared: “This is a long-term project. We will continue to research and develop it. The contest brought me and you many good memories. The words of encouragement and encouragement from the School, teachers and friends watching the live stream are a valuable reward and motivation for the team to continue towards the final destination of the journey called "the promise of this one pencil.”

Reporter: The Huu

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