Event Club’s bonding activity as a talkshow to experience the other teams’ duties

(VLU09/9/2021) – As the Event Club aimed to review and strengthen its members’ skills in event management and specific positions’ duties, it organized an online talk show series from 04 to 10 September on “A day in a different team” on the MS Teams platform to help strengthen the members’ bondings.

The Event Club consisted of four teams, which are Event, PR, Media, and Logistics. Each unit is unique and carries out specific duties. “A day in a different team” was a private activity dedicated to its members. It happened in the form of a talk show series for every team. Thanks to the gathering and discussion, each team should brainstorm the contents and organize the activity with the staff from other teams.

vlu clb event to chuc talkshow ky nang aEvent Club’s joyful online talkshow

In each talk show, the members should get to know the specific duties of other teams thanks to the discussion in operating procedures and challenges while having the chance to acquire helpful experience. More specially, the participating member could undergo other teams’ exciting activities such as the PR team’s content writing, the Media team’s Pictionary mini-game, or the Event and Logistics teams’ task executions.

Although the activities were only available online, their contents were highly invested and gained tremendous attention from the club members. As each talk show depicted particular aspects of each team, they were attractive to participants. Thanks to the talk shows such as the Event team’s “Knocking the  Event’s Door,” the PR team’s 419 – Fouronenice” or the Logistics team’s “Did you know” and the Media team’s “CTRL Z,” the members could review the knowledge in event management, acquire more experience in hosting online events, and gain helpful expertise from other teams. Moreover, the activity’s challenges and games also attracted the participants for the surprise gifts and each team’s traits.

Huynh Nhu – Club's Leader said: “A day in a different team” was indeed a meaningful activity during the social distancing because it allowed the club members to regain their activeness. The preparations for each talk show permitted them to experience other teams’ duties and helped them to understand other teams’ specific tasks.”

Each of the four talk shows offered a unique experience, but they all aimed to help strengthen the members’ bonding amidst the social distancing. In addition, this activity also allowed the member to revise the knowledge, learn new skills and get more experience through the preparation and execution of online events. Although we could only see one another through a monitor, the event offered us more vibrant energy to prepare for a coming semester full of exciting activities.


Truong Thi Mai Linh
Public Relations and Communications student

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