Webinar on “Communication in a Chaotic Period” – in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity

(VLU, 02/10/2021– On 30 September, VLU’s Career Week 2021 officially concluded with the  Webinar on “Communication in a Chaotic Period” and attracted above 1,000 students participating on MS Teams platform.

The Webinar on “Communication in a Chaotic Period” introduced the speaker Dang Thanh Nhuong – Journalist and Cat Tien Sa’s HR Director. The webinar consisted of the following topics:

  • Communication trends in a new era
  • Recruiting requirements under the changes of the market
  • Necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to communication in a chaotic period.

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On behalf of the Directive Committee of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications at Van Lang University, Dr. Ly Le Tuong Minh – the Faculty’s Vice-Dean, explained to the students what PR students should prepare for their future careers. She said: “Gen Z grows up in a digital era. It brings you both advantages and challenges to filter and digest information. If you want to “realize the opportunities in difficulties,” you must identify your strengths and weaknesses to pursue a suitable career. On the other hand, it is necessary to acquire and develop additional skills in cooperation, communication, conversation, criticism, and life-long learning.”

As the representative from Cat Tien Sa Group – one of Vietnam’s leading communication groups owning many most-viewed shows such as The Voice, Buoc Nhay Hoan Vu (Universal Dance), Sing My Song, speaker Dang Thanh Nhuong explained the terms and operating models of the latest communication trends such as Digital Content, Content Marketing, or Viral Video. It was a popular trend shared by most communication companies, enterprises, and organizations needing branding activities. With directive and rich content delivering to relevant customers, the Digital Content and Content Marketing’s ideas would attract the customers’ attention and make them consider the advertised services. The applicants with content writing and computer skills would get better and stabler career prospects in the communication field.

The VUCA era with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity brought several challenges to the communication field. The employees must adapt to the changes, learn selectively, think positively, be optimistic, and be ready for any possible changes in the future. Speaker Thanh Nhuong emphasized: “We are living in a plat world with no limitation, so it is crucial to develop as much as you can. It will help if you comprehend which field is the most suitable for your gifts, knowledge, and understanding. It is the key to identify your strengths to apply to any career prospect.”

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At the end of the webinar, speaker Dang Thanh Nhuong offered the students the job and internship opportunities at Cat Tien Sa Group. The available positions vary from Journalism, Creative Content, Editing, Event Management, Media Management to Website and Application Design. She also expressed her positive evaluation for VLU students when they take their internship or work at the core departments at Cat Tien Sa Group.

The Industry Relations Academic, Career Development Center planned to organize more significant events, namely the upcoming Job Fair in November, to satisfy the employment demands of the students from 57 majors at Van Lang University.

Reporter: Hoang Tien

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