“A helping hand for unpersuasive portfolios” – The tips to impress the employers

(VLU, 01/10/2021) – Following VLU’s Career Week Online 2021, Van Lang University organized the Workshop on “A helping hand for unpersuasive portfolios” with the attendance of above 1,000 students from many majors, especially the Fine Arts and Design students.

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A portfolio is a familiar term to young designers. It is the tool to illustrate the brand, experience, and style of a designer; and helps the employer to promptly “read” the personality and “evaluate” the performance of applicants. The Workshop on “A helping hand for unpersuasive portfolios” welcomed speaker Tran Ngoc Bao Minh – Monstio Studio’s Co-founder and Leader, whose nickname is Ti Animalia. With his six-year experience in Illustration and Visual Arts, he helped VLU students reconsider their portfolios’ importance for their career paths.

During the Workshop, Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai – Faculty of Fine Arts and Design’s Vice Dean at Van Lang University, said that portfolio designing was also among the faculty’s academic focuses. “Putting the sense of arts aside, a satisfactory portfolio must highlight the logical sense, appropriate layout, and the designer’s unique traits.” – said Dr. Thai. 

Speaker Tran Ngoc Bao Minh agreeing with Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai, said that an attractive portfolio must depict the designer’s talent and personality. However, it is a recommendation to make a condensed portfolio. In his opinion, it is essential to select the most valuable information to display, decide particular focuses and demonstrate sufficient skills for the recruiting position before working on the designing process. “Many fresh-graduated students usually make common mistakes such as sending big-size files, providing ambiguous information, or just listed out all the courses, exercises, and projects taken. They will bore the employers resulting in skipping your application.” – said the speaker.

vlu tuan le huong nghiep van lang h“A helping hand for unpersuasive portfolios” was an attractive and debatable topic for students.

An attractive portfolio does not need to be too stylish and full of details. Firstly, the designer must understand and be confident of their works; then draw out the good points and list the previous works and projects logically. More importantly, a designer must understand how to separate the portfolio into sectors, make it impactful and skill-focused, and create unique traits in a logical order. The speaker also recommended the students work on their projects to list them in the portfolio later because those pieces of information should help illustrate the designer’s skills in many ways. This factor would allow the employers to “read” and realize the applicant’s capability while making your portfolio unique and impactful.

When being asked about his daily sources of inspiration, speaker Tran Ngoc Bao Minh said: “The inspirations should come from everyday life’s events. I usually feel the flavor of life with all of my senses; thus, help me to get creative ideas for my works.”

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Workshop on “A helping hand for unpersuasive portfolios” and VLU’s career week 2021 allows the students to improve themselves during the social distancing and get ready to catch up with their daily routines once everything is back to normal.

Next November, Van Lang University will introduce the E-Job website, including portfolio creating functions to permit the students to work on their portfolios inspirationally.

Reporter: Kim Thu

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