The Faculty of Commerce organized the “Green Purchasing” Workshop for SLOG Challenge 2021’s contestants.

(VLU14/9/2021) - On 04 September 2021, the Faculty of Commerce at Van Lang University organized a workshop on “Green Purchasing” – a part of the SLOG CHALLENGE 2021. The activity aimed to provided students with the knowledge of the companies’ popular purchasing processes and models to optimize costs and reduce environmental impacts.

SLOG CHALLENGE 2021 took place from 17 May to 15 October 2021. It was a contest for passionate students in Logistics and SCM. After three months of competition, 16 most outstanding contestants from Vietnamese universities had proceeded to Round 4. The 16 finalists formed into four teams under the mentorship of Logistics and SCM experts, which were Ms. Dinh Nu Huong Tra – Columbia Sportswear Vietnam’s Product Planner, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mi – Bosch Vietnam’s Procurement & ICO, Ms. Le Thi Phuong – DKSH Vietnam’s Demand Planning & Inventory Management, and Mr. Vu Hai Duong – Unilever’s Marketing and Sales Operation Planner.

Two months before the final night, four teams would attend three workshops to improve their knowledge and skills to work on their project. Following the first workshop on “So you think you know Logistics?”, the Faculty of Commerce at Van Lang University had organized the second workshop on “Green Purchasing” for the 16 finalists. The event aimed to provide the contestants with an understanding of the companies’ green purchasing process to optimize costs and preserve the environment.

vlu workshop thu mua xanh slog challenge cSpeaker Vuong Ngoc Tung - Saigon Precision Ltd., Co.’s Purchasing Manager attended SLOG CHALLENGE’s “Green Purchasing” Workshop

With 18 years of experience in the Logistics and SCM field, Mr. Vuong Ngoc Tung had introduced the differences between a company’s purchasing and purchasing process. In which the purchasing process was only a substitute part of a company’s purchasing chain. In terms of green purchasing, he explained it was a combination of the purchasing activities and environmental impact reduction. Through this process, the company could categorize the materials, seek alternatives, and reduce packaging costs to minimize the environmental impacts.

vlu workshop thu mua xanh slog challenge bSpeaker Vuong Ngoc Tung introduced Vietnamese and foreign companies’ green purchasing activities.

Mr. Vuong Ngoc Tung said: “Green Purchasing has been a standing activity in many countries such as Germany, Japan, New Zealand, or Canada. These countries are very keen on the environmental impacts and set out the standards for green purchasing. Although this term is relatively new in Vietnam, it is a necessary activity for economic development.”

vlu workshop thu mua xanh slog challenge aThe target fields of Green Purchasing introduced by Mr. Vuong Ngoc Tung

Besides the theories in green purchasing, the speaker also explained the target products and goods to help students better understand green purchasing, including computers, cars, paperwork, furniture, clothes, and household appliances.

Through this workshop, Mr. Vuong Ngoc Tung expected SLOG CHALLENGE 2021’s contestants to acquire more knowledge of the companies’ green purchasing to extend new information to their final project.

Reporter: Nam Vuong

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