The seminar introducing the mobile programming course at Huawei: an opportunity for students interested in mobile programming

(VLU23/9/2021) – On 18 September 2021, the Faculty of Information Technology introduced the Mobile Programming Course at Huawei – one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers. The students got to know Huawei’s AppGallery, HarmonyOS and Huawei’s Mobile Programming Course in the seminar.

Thanks to the booming information technology and smartphone industry, mobile application programming is among the most developed sectors. Therefore, the Faculty of Information Technology at Van Lang University collaborated with Huawei to organize the Seminar on Introduction to Huawei’s Foundation Course to present Huawei’s mobile programming course for VLU students.

vlu lop hoc cung huawei e

The seminar welcomed more than 130 IT students to learn about the courses from the presentation of 2 Huawei experts: Mr. Nguyen Quang Nhat – Huawei Vietnam’s DTSE Leader and Mr. Abhishek Parihar -  Huawei India’s System Architect.

vlu lop hoc cung huawei aMr. Abhishek Parihar introduced Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem to VLU students.

Mr. Abhishek Parihar commenced the seminar introducing Huawei’s IT infrastructures and intelligent devices, especially the Huawei AppGallery platform, which was available on its digital devices lately. Moreover, apart from Huawei’s AI and 5G network, he also discussed the basic information of the HarmonyOS, which was available on Huawei’s smartphones. The students received fundamental knowledge about this operating system to understand better how to write an application on the AppGallery platform.

vlu lop hoc cung huawei bMr. Abhishek Parihar talked about Huawei’s AppGallery Ecosystem

Mr. Nguyen Quang Nhat – Huawei Vietnam’s DTSE Leader, helped IT students at Van Lang University register Huawei ID to join its forum. This forum was a platform for Huawei ID owners and application developers to exchange information related to the HarmonyOS and take reference of sample codes. As a result, the students could acquire helpful knowledge in software research and development.

vlu lop hoc cung huawei cThe specifications of the HMS foundation course for IT students at Van Lang University

HMS foundation course lasts five weeks (equivalent to 50 credit hours) under Huawei experts’ instructions, concentrating on developing and launching an actual application on Huawei AppGallery. The course should equip the students with a core understanding of the Android operating system, methods to utilize Huawei’s open library (including tutorials, codelabs, and sample applications), sample codes, and exercises. Upon completing the course, the students will receive Huawei’s international certificate, gaining them significant advantages and “enriching” their CV for future careers.

vlu lop hoc cung huawei dVLU students will receive a certificate upon completing the HMS foundation course.

Nam Vuong

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