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Both Z-Girls and Z-Boys debuted in 2019 in Zenith Media Contents’ Z-POP Dream project. Each team consisted of seven members from different countries. The exciting part was that there were two Vietnamese idols among Z-Girls and Z-Boys. One of them was Z-Girls’ Queen, whose real name was Luc Thi Thuy Quyen – Foreign Languages student of course 21 at Van Lang University. As Z-Girls’ main rapper and lead dancer, she received significant support from the Korean thanks to her outstanding charisma and similar appearance to Joy (Red Velvet).

South Korea is a harsh entertainment market, and becoming an idol without Korean skills is likely impossible, yet Queen has succeeded. “The reason for Queen to join the performance arts was quite a surprise. I, by chance, participated in an audition in Vietnam and was selected. Then, I moved to Korea for intensive training by our Korean company. It was challenging initially, but it was a relief that I received extensive supports and cheers from the team members and the staff. After three months of training, our MV turned out to be quite successful.”

Becoming a Korean idol was a joyful and exciting experience. Queen said: “After I debuted and moved to Korea, I witnessed many beautiful things. I was required to train very hard in Korea, so I learned many things about Korean cultures, such as punctuation, social etiquette, or the sense of honesty, confidence, and hard work. I also enjoyed the process of producing an MV. For example, our team had to try out the apparel a week, dyed our hair two days before, woke up early on the event day to have our hair done, and put on makeup. We had to make sure everything was aligned with the schedule. Then, all that was left was to put your all in the recording session. During my job, I met many senior K-pop performers such as Bi Rain, Chungha, Apink and experience countless exciting experiences.”

Queen attracted significant attention when she debuted because she was a K-pop idol of Vietnamese origin to join the Korean market. Along with the joy, there were possible challenges such as the language barrier, the small-size sponsoring company, multinational members with limited proficiency in Korean. Nevertheless, Queen persisted: “I love performing arts, and it was my longed dream. I ran into this career by luck, efforts, and the wheel of fortune. As I made it to the stage, it was a big thanks to my family’s supports. My family had never prevented me from pursuing my dream but offered me strong supports. I was very grateful for that.”

Due to the pandemic outbreak, our team members temporarily returned to our home country for a break. However, thanks to technological developments and social network platforms, our team could interact and update the latest news to our fans and the community. Luc Quyen also said that Z-Girls would strengthen their appearance on Facebook and TikTok soon. She told us that she would also use the break to train and develop her skills according to the sponsoring company’s vision to get ready to come back as Z-Girls’ Queen.

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During her time in Vietnam, Luc Quyen joined many art projects, such as “Chị ơi mình yêu thôi” MV aired in August 2019 or honored guests at the performances in HCMC. In December 2019, the Team Performance of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Van Lang University organized the second anniversary for N-istletoe, and Luc Quyen had joined the event as the honored guest and a former team member. Her appearance at the event boomed the atmosphere for all the participants.

Before she was an idol, Queen was an active art performer at the Faculty of Foreign Languages as she was always the pioneer in every activity. Queen was also among the first members of Team Performance – an art performing team founded by the Union’s executive committee of the Faculty. When she was studying at Van Lang University, Luc Quyen participated in most unique events such as Victor’s Creation, Diamond, The Chronicle Chapter 1; Flashmob Competitions at Van Lang’s Student Fair from 2016 to 2018; Opening Ceremonies for the students of course 23 and 24. As an active player, she was the motivation for underclassmen to pursue their performing gifts.

Luc Quyen is a charming and dynamic girl and is extensively interactive on her Facebook page when she is not an idol. She is also an outstanding TikToker with many trending covered videos of modern choreographies. Luc Quyen, who is enthusiastic and passionate about arts, is a role model for VLU students to develop their gifts and prove themselves. We hope our Queen – Luc Quyen will continue to pay her best effort and stay persistent to succeed on her unique journey. Let us support and watch the journey to becoming an idol of our Foreign Languages student of course 21.

Gia Bao – Ha Thu

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