Workshop "Agile - Scrum Workflow" for IT students

(VLU27/9/2021- On September 25, 2021, the Faculty of Information Technology of Van Lang University cooperated with DEK Technologies Company to organize the Workshop "Agile - Scrum Workflow" with the participation of speaker Le Van Thong - Developer & Scrum Master of DEK, teachers, and more than 170 Information Technology students.

Opening the seminar with directional sharing, MSc. Bui Minh Phung – Vice Dean of Information Technology Faculty of Van Lang University emphasized: “Making software is not only programming, coding or testing but you also need to understand the processes of project management. During the teaching program, the Faculty has had a similar subject for students to firmly grasp in theory, but in today's seminar, meeting people with practical experience, Khoa believes that you will have a more clear and specific idea about the field”. 

vlu cntt quy trinh lam vien agile scrum aThe workshop started with the participation of 170 students with speaker Le Van Thong - Developer and Scrum Master DEK Company

Within the framework of the Workshop, Mr. Le Van Thong - Developer and Scrum Master DEK Technologies helped students of Information Technology at Van Lang University better understand the concept of "Scrum", "Agile" or "Scrum Master" which is gradually popularized in the field of software development. At the same time, he also analyzed more about the Agile - Scrum process as well as the differences between the Waterfall and Scrum processes when applied to practice through specific categories:

  • The actual situation of applying Agile, Scrum in the world and in Vietnam
  • The Basics and Birth of the Scrum Framework
  • The concept of Scrum and the roles of events in Scrum
  • Benefits of applying Scrum in product development

The waterfall model divides software development into sequential phases. Each phase is designed to perform a specific activity and must be completed before the next phase can begin without overlapping between the phases. However, according to the 1994 CHAOS report on Waterfall Project Results, almost 84% of projects were described as partial or complete failures, with only about 16% of the total projects classified as a success.

The waterfall model is difficult to solve complex and dynamic problems in software product development. This sets the stage for Scrum - A simple framework that creates value through highly adaptive solution development. Being introduced in 1970, Agile is a set of practice tools to satisfy customer needs, in which Scrum, Lean (lean startup model) are tools to implement Agile thinking and philosophy.

vlu cntt quy trinh lam vien agile scrum bFigures on the current status of Agile adoption in 2020.

At the seminar, the speaker also gave advice to students who are in the process of learning and becoming a Scrum Master - a new title that has only appeared since Scrum was introduced and applied in the field of software. The Scrum Master helps build self-organized and high-performing teams. Therefore, choosing the right Scrum Master is very important. In any situation, the selected person must be someone who understands Scrum, Agile and wants to develop his career in the direction of Scrum Master. Each organization can have its own process, but the position of Scrum Master should not give complete decision-making authority to the development team or the Product Owner.

The speaker emphasized the importance of management and accountability to the Scrum team, to the Product Owner, and to the organization. Accordingly, in order to build a solid management foundation, one of the first and most important things is to build a skill and personality system.

Talking about the responsibility of a Product Owner - A position that many students are interested in, Mr. Thong shared: “The main responsibility of the Product Owner is to manage the Product Backlog, the worker must clearly communicate the Product Goals; effectively create and communicate items in the Product Backlog; Organize Product Backlog categories and ensure transparency”. In addition, the Product Owner is also responsible for managing project development progress, managing Stakeholders; optimizing profit/investment capital (ROI) and learn and analyze carefully products.

At the end of the sharing, the organizers also received many questions through the direct registration link from students, most of the questions were deeply rooted in the topic, showing the interest and desire of the participants for new topics. In the future, the Faculty of Information Technology will continue to organize many seminars, update professional knowledge and create conditions for students to connect with prestigious businesses in the IT field.

 Huynh Phuong Anh

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