The Tourism Challenge 2021: last journey

(VLU08/9/2021) - September 2021, The Tourism Challenge 2021 - The academic playground of the Faculty of Tourism of Van Lang University officially reached the finale with unexpected talent shows from students in 3 majors: Tourism & Travel Service Management, Hotel Management and Restaurant & Catering Management.

On the last two Sundays, August 29 and September 5, 2021, the final round of The Tourism Challenge 2021 took place on the Microsoft Teams platform. In the first part of the exam, candidates brainstormed ideas and built a complete presentation with a topic based on the major they are studying:

  • Tourism & Travel Service Management: The role of responsible tourism in Vietnam
  • Hospitality Management: Building clean and green hotels
  • Restaurant & Catering Management Industry: Developing tourism under the impact and influence of technology

After a month of preparation, the candidates have 15 minutes to present the topic in English, French or Vietnamese depending on their strengths. Based on the presentation, the jury and guest teachers will exchange and ask questions for students to expand their knowledge and accumulate scores.

vlu cuoc thi the tourism challenge aMany candidates accepted the challenge to get out of their "comfort zone" by choosing to speak 100% in English or French.

As the only contestant to present in French, Nguyen Vu Anh Thu - a student of Course 24 in Hospitality Management shared: “The contest has brought me a lot of valuable experience and knowledge: specialized knowledge, how to handle situations of the field you pursue in the future. I learned to be confident in myself, trust my teammates, how to behave and persuade others, critical skills, presentation skills, etc. Choosing the presentation language as French when only studying for about 3 years since entering the university lecture hall is a big challenge. However, beyond my fear, I love French and I really want to push my limits. I believe that if you try your best, no difficulty can stop you."

In the second part of the test, candidates choose a random case study for each major. Each of them has 7 minutes to think and fully present their answers so that it is reasonable, close to reality and solves the problem most effectively. The exam helps students better understand the job they choose, exercise their judgment, agility, and gain experience in handling real-life situations.

vlu cuoc thi the tourism challenge dThe fast situation test requires candidates' foreign language ability, quick reaction and a combination of theory and sharp thinking.

Nguyen Thi Thao Nhi, a student of Course 25 of Tourism & Travel Service Management, shared: “The contest gives me experiences, and challenges for myself because this is also my first time presenting in English. Language difficulties, psychological difficulties, and adding topics are quite broad, making it difficult to find and condense content. I feel very proud of myself and feel fortunate to have these wonderful opportunities.”

vlu cuoc thi the tourism challenge cDespite being interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, The Tourism Challenge successfully finished to the joyness of teachers and students of the Faculty of Tourism.

Coming to the contest in a nervous mood, Nguyen Ngoc Van Anh - a student of Course 25 of Hospitality Management said: “The Tourism Challenge has helped me learn many things. The first is perseverance, because this is one of the contests with a long time to attend. I wanted to give up many times, because of family problems, because of the Covid situation. But because I promised my father that I would follow it until the end, I was so persistent. Although I have had a little experience from working part-time at hotels, it is still a big challenge for me to find documents and further research a scientific problem entirely in English. Thank you so much to the Organizing Committee for always being there to support me. Thank you to the teachers of the Department of Tourism for giving Van Anh valuable knowledge."

Closing the season of The Tourism Challenge 2021, congratulations to all the participating students and the overall winners:
Major in Tourism & Travel Service Management:
- Nguyen Thi Thao Nhi – K25D – Overall First Prize and Most Favorite Contestant
- Tu Thanh Hau - K25D - Second prize
Major in Restaurant Management & Food Service:
- Nguyen Ngoc Van Anh – K25D – Second prize
Major in Hotel management:
- Nguyen Vu Anh Thu – K24D and Phung Le Bao Ngoc – K25DB: first places
- Tran Thanh Thanh – K25D – Second prize

Hoai An
Student Course - Faculty of Tourism

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