Online tour of Yakult dairy factory with students of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology

(VLU26/9/2021) - On September 13, the Institute of Applied Science and Technology held an online tour of Yakult Vietnam dairy factory for students of the 26th class of Food Technology. The tour provided students with useful knowledge about the production process of Yakult fermented milk drink and the effect of beneficial bacteria L.casei Shirota on human health.

Visiting factories and production facilities is one of the contents in the learning program of students of Food Technology at Van Lang University. Due to the impact of the epidemic, in-person tours have been changed to online. Under the online guidance, the students listened to a lot of information about the history and nutritional value of Yakult dairy products, and witnessed the rigorous production process applying technology and modern crochet comes from Japan.

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Yakult fermented milk first appeared on the market in 1935, as a result of research by Professor Minoru Shirota and colleagues on the transfer of Lacobacillus casei Shirota (L. Casei) strain into a drink. Combined with micronutrients isoflavones in soy, this product brings many benefits to the immune system, digestive system, and preventing breast cancer. Up to now, Yakult fermented milk has officially been available in a total of 38 countries and territories, including Vietnam.

In the tour via the Zoom system, students of Food Technology at Van Lang University took turns visiting important departments and production areas of a modern dairy production line using advanced technology that meets the standards of HACCP regulations, including the following areas:

Breeding room and fermentation room: This is where skim milk powder, glucose and white sugar are dissolved, then undergo a sterilization process to completely destroy bacteria, creating an environment for L. Casei bacteria to ferment. The sterilized milk tank will then be inoculated with Yakult yeast, continuing through many processes before the product is finished.

Milk Quality Control and Inspection Department, also known as QC (Quality Control): Here, the factory's professional staff measure the sweetness of milk, check and evaluate the parameters in the product, ensuring stable quality in each bottle.

Bottle making room, milk filling room, printing and packaging room: Yakult milk factory has a total of two milk filling lines, with a capacity of 90000 bottles/hour. The robotic system will assist in packing and sorting. The finished milk is then stored for 2 days at a temperature of 0-10 for testing before being distributed to the market.

vlu yakult aThe online tour is not boring when students witness the modern production process from raw materials to finished products with strict standards from Japan.

Khanh Linh, a student of the 26th class of Food Technology, shared: “The tour to the Yakult factory took place online but I really received a lot of information and knowledge. From the strict regulations in the production line, the process of machine cleaning and sterilization, I can feel the enthusiasm of the founder as well as all employees in bringing users a quality product as possible. Thank you to the teachers and staff for creating conditions for students to have the opportunity to participate in this interesting and unique trip.”

The visit with enthusiastic guidance from the technicians in charge of the factory provided a lot of useful knowledge about microbial technology, supplementing the basic and specialized knowledge for students, more experience to accumulate practical experience to study and work later.


Le Thi Khanh Linh

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