Recover - local brand founded by former Van Lang student - Foreign Language major

(VLU18/9/2021- After 2 years of studying and accumulating practical experience, in 2019, Nguyen Thanh Nhan - Alumnus of Course 22 of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Van Lang University officially established Recover and developed into one of the most popular local brands among Vietnamese youth today on the Shopee e-commerce platform. 

Since 2017, domestic fashion products have gradually emerged as a new wave dominating the Vietnamese fashion market. With the desire to challenge in the business field and passion for this new industry, Nguyen Thanh Nhan - an alumnus of the 22nd class of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Van Lang University committed to establishing Recover - a recognized business brand. Young people received and reached the top selling products for many consecutive weeks on the Shopee e-commerce platform after only 3 years of operation.

vlu cuu sinh vien ngoai ngu cStrong personality, independence, perseverance and love of fashion are the factors that help Nguyen Thanh Nhan enter the local brand playground and successfully build his own brand.

Thanh Nhan shared: “Since I was a student, I always cherished the desire to create my own income. Realizing that the local brand market was new and full of opportunities at the time, I started to learn to be a local brand camper. Basically it is the type of going in line to buy things and then reselling them for a profit on the difference, usually just a little higher. The products I receive are usually limited or special models that often target the "quality" needs of young people in the period of 2018 - 2019. After many months of work, gradually I began to interact with many shop owners and discovered my passion for creating beautiful products at reasonable prices. So I decided to create my own brand."

After 2 years of accumulating experience as well as expanding relationships in the industry, in 2019, Recover was established. Through Nhan's sharing, the name Recover was inspired by the name of an auxiliary spell in the game that he still plays with friends, helping the character to heal when needed. Therefore, Nhan has chosen this to be his brand, with the hope that each product will help the wearer feel "healed" like in the old game. Up to now, with the brand's main product line being basic t-shirts, the number of products in stock has exceeded 5,000. Besides, depending on the needs and tastes, Thanh Nhan's Recover also provides many other unique items, developing product lines such as bags, backpacks, and shoes.

vlu cuu sinh vien ngoai ngu dThanh Nhan's products satisfy young customers and become one of the top selling brands of Shopee e-commerce platform in recent times.

As a language major student entering a new field, Thanh Nhan almost had to re-learn all information related to the product. Nhan said that the most difficult thing for him was choosing the fabric: “All fabrics must be checked by myself for every meter. Time and again when imported, the fabric is wrong in quantity and has to be discarded because I want to bring the best product to the users.” Besides the difficulties, accompanying Thanh Nhan are also unforgettable memories. Remembering the first opening of Recover, within 1 morning, all products were "sold out" with warm reception from customers.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nhan has switched all business forms to online and received very positive feedback. Nearly a month ago, due to the increasingly complicated epidemic situation, the brand's production work had to be temporarily shelved, Recover temporarily did not accept new orders. However, Nhan does not see this as a difficulty but also as an opportunity to settle down, find new ideas and have the opportunity to do more in-depth research on many fields. Then, when everything is stable again, Recover promises to bring more beautiful and "genuine" products to young customers who have always accompanied and supported it.

Sharing with students who are currently cherishing and wanting to enter the local brand playground, Thanh Nhan said: "What I have right now is just a small grain of sand among countless other achievements of their predecessors, which cannot be called a resounding success. But what makes me even more proud is my own efforts, the "stubbornness" that motivated and helped me persevere in finding success. I just want to remind you, instead of sitting still and watching opportunities go by, the most important thing to do is to see and seize the opportunities that are coming. Be patient with sobriety, then one day you will find your own success.”

Vi Tieu Bao

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