Faculty of Law organized a seminar on necessary skills for students to graduate

(VLU05/9/2021- On the morning of August 30, 2021, the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University held a seminar titled "Necessary skills for graduation: Writing CV, preparing application documents and interviewing" for more than 400 students.

In order to orient, provide career advice, and equip students with necessary skills for Course 23 of Economic Law, the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University organized an online seminar "Necessary skills for students to graduate: Writing CV, prepare application documents and interview” with the participation of guests:

  • Dr. Bui Anh Thuy – Dean of Law Faculty, Van Lang University
  • Lawyer Luu Tien Dung – Chairman of International Relations Committee, Vietnam Bar Federation, Member of the Advisory Council of Faculty of Law, Top 15 Best Litigation Lawyers in Asia voted by ALB 2020
  • Judge Nguyen Huy Hoang – Deputy Chief Justice of Go Vap District People's Court
  • Mr. Le Tu Phuong Quang - Director of the Center for International Press & Media Cooperation in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City – Ministry of Information and Communication, Head of the CSV Liaison Department, Faculty of Law
  • Lawyer Kieu Anh Vu – Director of KAV Lawyers Law Firm, Mediator at Southern Commercial Arbitration Center, Representative of ICC YAF
  • Mrs. Truong Nhu Hoa – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Trung Construction and Construction Company Limited, Member of the CSV Liaison Committee of Faculty of Law

vlu khoa luat to chuc toa dam ky nang viet cv gThe online seminar received the attention and support of more than 400 students majoring in Economic and Law at Van Lang University.

Revolving around the topic "Necessary skills for students to graduate", the Faculty's Board of Directors and guests had useful sharing, providing students with a lot of knowledge and giving practical advice to students in application situations. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Thuy commented: "For law students, if we just immerse ourselves in Law, we will never be good. In order to become a good legal professional, a lawyer, judge or a good supervisor, we need to train and develop our thinking, learn different blocks of knowledge and skills."

According to Msc. Le Tu Phuong Quang, the time of isolation is both a challenge and an opportunity for students to cultivate and improve themselves: "Students need to focus on reviewing the old knowledge, refer to new knowledge, make a tentative plan upon graduation and gradually realize this plan in detail. In addition, students also need to study and practice more soft skills to be ready in any situation at work.”

vlu khoa luat to chuc toa dam ky nang viet cv jThe guests attending the seminar were advising on career orientation and skills for students of the Law Faculty of Van Lang University.

Agreeing with the above opinion, Msc. Lawyer Luu Tien Dung said that, besides the theoretical block, students need to take advantage of their university time to accumulate foreign language capital and necessary skills. Lawyers said that foreign languages ​​and office computer skills are the most important factors. Being fluent in foreign languages ​​helps us to broaden our horizons, knowledge, relationships as well as opportunities for career development. New graduates do not have much practical experience, but flexible thinking, knowing how to use work support software and professional computer manipulation will be a great advantage of young people in the eyes of employers.

Besides, MSc. Lawyer. Kieu Anh Vu – Director of KAV Lawyers Law Firm shared about the resume issue: "Each email, CV reflects the knowledge, skills and attitude of the writer. If we only use templates CVs are available online, we can't make the difference between ourselves and the rest of the candidates." MSc. Lawyer. Kieu Anh Vu emphasized, each person has its own characteristics and CVs should also be designed to match the nature and characteristics of each person. Do not be rigid, apply one CV template to all the agencies and businesses you plan to apply for, avoid the situation of "spreading CVs" everywhere but do not focus on effective investment in any option."

Within the framework of the seminar, the guests also answered many questions about notes when applying to state agencies, private enterprises, how to negotiate a reasonable salary with enterprises and professional ways of answering questions along with some effective methods of training foreign languages ​​and soft skills. Through the seminar, the Dean of the Faculty of Law and the guests expect that students will be ready to adapt to innovations, accumulate experience and useful skills to quickly get used to the workflow, and at the same time be proactive in all situations to avoid panic when starting in a completely new environment.

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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