Motivational Vaccines contest: mental resistance to overcome the pandemic

(VLU05/9/2021) - Motivational Vaccines is a contest to spread positive energy during the epidemic season, launched by the Faculty of Business Administration from August 26 for students, teachers, officers and employees, with the desire to instill confidence to conquer the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the current social distancing period, many useful online playgrounds have been launched by the faculties of Van Lang University, contributing more strength to the anti-Covid spirit for the entire community. Motivational Vaccines are meant as a dose of vaccine to motivate contestants as well as spread to those around them. Set of 7 "dose" Motivational Vaccines includes:

  • Happiness Vaccine: Share happy moments with loved ones or family.
  • Fat Vaccine: Share moments in the kitchen
  • Memories Vaccine: Share your memories as a student with friends or teachers.
  • Fitness Vaccine: Share a moment when participating in/doing sports activities at home or competing in sports fields.
  • Entertainment Vaccine: Share moments when participating in / performing singing, dancing, acting activities at home or participating in competitions or performing at stages and programs.
  • Hard-working Vaccine: Share a moment while working, studying or reading a book/newspaper/story
  • Meaningful Vaccine: Sharing about the moment when participating in charity work, helping others or participating in the prevention and control of Covid-19.

By uploading images or videos that radiate energy by topic on personal pages in public mode, the Organizer will summarize and score based on interactions. The entries with the highest scores, respectively, are awarded in the first, second and third prize categories.

vlu motivational vaccine a"Happy times will come and go, but memories will always be there" - Sharing of Business Administration student Nguyen Manh Tai about "Memory vaccine"

vlu motivational vaccine bLien Nguyen - Student of Faculty of Business Administration shared a happy family moment with the promise of DEFINITELY going home after the epidemic is over.

Motivational Vaccines has gone nearly half of its journey, and the contest is expected to last until September 20. Hopefully with the meaning of the contest, each shared image, each public post will be a dose of vaccine that has the effect of improving mental resistance, against the confusion and fear brought by the virus in this no-gun war.

Reporter: My Tien

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