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We are the first 17 students of the professional movie-making course under the Media Production specialization of the Digital Arts Design program. We study with the ideology of “developing passion for becoming the pioneer.”

Van Lang’s first professional movie making course

Digital Arts Design students of course 25 must decide on their specialization at the end of the second year. They may select either Media Production or Game-Animation Design specialization. If we choose Media Production, we will study the production of a movie, such as pre-production (script-writing, scenic, or storyboarding design), production, post-production (CGI, lighting, or sound effects.)

The first core subjects of Media Production are the Viral Clip Project and Scenic Design lecturer by Mr. Tran Quoc Hung. Thanks to Mr. Hung’s experience, the students understood their career path despite the class taking place online.

According to Mr. Hung: “All students are solid in graphic arts, which gains them many advantages in making the movies. Their works had better color than that of the previous classes as they just “merely told the stories. The colors played a significant role in the stories, while the diversified, professional, and artistic color segments could illustrate the author’s ideas.” He also said the storyboard-making course helped the students a lot in movie-making. In his time, he had to “remember” everything and only discussed once the camera rolled. Nowadays, the students are provided with content controlling skills by documentation, which helps enhance the efficiency when making movies.

For Mr. Hung, the first generation of VLU’s Media Production specialization consisted of “fearless” students. They urged to make movies and tell the stories in their own voices.

From classes to stages

We sit regular lessons on setting camera angles, switching scenes, processing sound and light, and working with the software during our study. The hands-on classes triggered our passion for the future careers, such as screenwriter, director, cameraman, editor, or CGI specialist. Bao Ngoc said: “Thanks to the lessons, I could understand meanings of the messages, camera angles, colors, and on-scene props. Our lecturers are our valuable inspirations, listeners, and instructors.

Besides theory sessions, we also attended many practical sessions with appropriate teaching methods. The final project of each course represents the understanding, comprehension, and capability of each student. In parallel with the theoretical classes to build solid knowledge and professional design mindsets, the practical sessions offered the opportunities to approach the state-of-the-art equipment and the University’s studio. Furthermore, previous Digital Arts Design generations (former Interactive Design) were facilitated to do actual shots at professional sites to learn how to operate a TVC crew.

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Thanks to the “Deep learning and Hardworking” philosophy, the Digital Arts Design students could confidently attend various competitions. Recently, Digital Arts Design students had displayed an outstanding performance at Van Lang’s Film Festival 2021. Eight of nineteen works making to the finals were contributed by VLU students in various roles such as director, screenwriter, or producer and multiple categories such as viral clips – “the VR,” animations – “White daisy,” or short films – “Spirit of the lantern.” On a larger scale, Digital Arts Design students even competed at more significant contests such as the “Number” movie at the Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2020 (TISDC) organized in Taiwan or the animation “My grandma” winning Vietnam Cinema Association’s Skite Award 2020.

“Online” classes

Our class consisted of future enthusiastic and passionate movie producers. 17 individuals of 17 personalities, yet we are one harmonious collective of three groups working on three viral clip projects.

We have been taking two core courses virtually to follow the “school stops but classes don’t” philosophy. However, every online period consisted full of hands-on and exciting experiences. The improved results of our assignments were the motivations for both the lecturers and students to overcome a long period of online learning.

“No difficulties, no discoveries.” Thanks to the online platforms, the lecturers could keep up with and manage our studying performance. As our major’s unique trait, our teamwork required the cloud collaborating function to edit in real-time. Therefore, we could connect, share our ideas, create sample videos as references, or suggest new solutions anywhere and anytime.

Finally, new products are the measuring tools for our career prospects. When all the preparation for pre-production, such as debatable ideas and scripts, were ready, we would take advantage of the social distancing to put together as good as possible to work on the practical sessions once the pandemic was under control. We hope the pandemic will soon go by because we are eager to create our very own work as quickly as possible.

Reporter: Trang Bui - Tuan Kiet
Digital Arts Design students of course 25

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