Students’ activity

One of the strengths of Van Lang students is that they are dynamic in a variety of activities. The school organizes many activities at the School level, the Faculty level during the year for students to play, train skills and to be free to create, and also to associate students of all courses and faculties. These programs are organized by students themselves and are “typical” of Van Lang students.

Annual activities at School level of Van Lang students: 

20/11 stage (from the beginning of October to the end of November)

The Arts Festival to celebrate the upcoming Vietnam Teachers' Day 20/11;Van Lang students’ Sports Games;

The Marxist-Leninist and Ho Chi Minh philosophy Olympic contest;

VanLang’s got talents;

Voluntary blood donation phase 1;

Organizing Tet for students who do not have conditions to return home for Tet holidays 

        Miss and Mister Van Lang

26/3 stage (after  the Lunar New Year to the end of March):

Van Lang Students' Day

Voluntary blood donation phase 2

Competitions on football, volleyball, basketball, ping pong and chess at school level.Vietnam University Game (VUG). 

Club's Day

vlu club day bClub's Day attracted a large number of Van Lang students


From July to August stage: Green Summer Campaign, Van Lang students join with the youth in HCMC.

 Besides, the programs at faculty level have become a proud “ brand” of many generations at Van Lang. “Architectural Festival” held by students of Faculty of Architecture, “Harmony” and “Red to Z” held by Faculty of Industrial Arts, ITSM music festival held by students of 3 faculties: Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology; the Opera night held by Faculty of Foreign Languages; Gamma held by Faculty of Finance and Accounting and Auditing, the competition “ The Potential Beauty” hold by Faculty of Tourism, “Blue Tornado” by students of Accounting and Auditing…. In even years, Van Lang students of Architecture Faculty participate in the "National Architecture Festival".

students activity 001Van Lang Students' Day

Clubs – Teams- Groups

Van Lang University currently has 53 clubs, teams, and groups at school level, and 16 clubs, teams and groups at faculty level. They belong to the field of academics, skills, culture, arts, sports,…New students can choose more than one club, team, or group to join so that they may develop their strengths, soft skills and socialize with those who have the same passion and talent; last but not least, they can relax after stressful classes.

Some outstanding clubs and groups at school level include: Social Work Team, Event Club, “Blue Backpack Skills” club, SOL club, Football club, Volleyball club, Badminton club, Chess club,…Each faculty has at least one academic club for students to exchange knowledge, participate in extracurricular activities, and practice foreign language. At the beginning of each school year, these clubs, teams and groups all recruit new members.

Since 2017, the Student Union has held the Club's Day- which is the Festival of Clubs. This is the opportunity for freshmen to integrate into the training environment, socialize with students of previous course, and seek for the "small house" for the extra activities.

VLU's clubs:

1. Art Zone Club

vlu art zone

2. Blue-Backpack Club

vlu ba lo xanh

3. Volleyball Club

vlu bong chuyen

4. Football Club

vlu bong da

5. Basketball Club

vlu bong ro

6. Chess Club

vlu co

7. The Social Work Club

vlu cong tac xa hoi

8. Event Club

vlu event

9. Guitar Club

vlu guitar

10. Street Workout Club

vlu street workout

11. CDS Crew Club

vlu CD

 12. MC Club

vlu MC

13.Taekwondo Club

vlu takewondo

14. Cinewsmic Club

vlu cine

15. S.E.M Club

vlu cem

16. Van Lang Photographer Club

vlu nhiep anh

17. Badminton Club

vlu badminton

18. Van Lang Hospitality Team 

19. Dance Sport Club

20. Van Lang Flaming Soul Club

 21. Van Lang Models Club

 22. Van Lang Play Club

 23. Van Lang Traditional Musical Instrument Club

 24. Van Lang Origami Club

25. CLB Van Lang Rubik

26.  Van Lang Rap Music Club

27. Van Lang Supporter Team 

28. Van Lang Manga Club

29. Van Lang Graffiti Club 

30. Van Lang Cheerleading Club

31.  Van Lang Karate Club

32. Van Lang Judo Club

33. Van Lang Boxing Club

34. Van Lang Table Tennis Club

35. Van Lang Vovinam Club

36. Van Lang Running Club 

37. Van Lang Traditional Kung Fu Club

38. Van Lang Aikido Club

The other clubs

1. 3N club:

vlu 3N

2. Pr Press And Communication Club

vlu clb bao chi

3. CBA Club

vlu CBA

4. French Club

vlu clb tieng Phap

5. Chinese Club

vlu clb tieng trung

6. VTECH Club

vlu vanlang tech

7. WAKABA Club

clb wakaba

8.Tourism Skill Club

vlu clb tourism

9. Young Entrepreneurs Club

vlu clb doanh nghiep tre

10. Fola Club

vlu fola

11.M.I.S English Club

clb mis

12. Psychology Club

vlu clb tam ly hoc

13. Digital Media Club

vlu digital media

14. Literature Club

vlu van hoc

15. Commerce English Club

vlu cec

16. Marzone Club

vlu marzone







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