The Faculty of Tourism organized the summarizing session for the Free and Extended Exchange Seminar on “French-speaking Tourism Market: Understanding for Success”

(VLU15/8/2021) – On 12 August, the final session of the seminar series on “French-speaking Tourism Market: Understanding for Success” was organized by the Faculty of Tourism at Van Lang University in collaboration with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and Images Travel on Zoom online platform. The event attracted many students, tour guides, and specialists in tourism fields.

vlu phap ngu b

In comparison to the previous five sessions, the sixth session was a multi-disciplinary discussion in tourism. Under the direction of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan – founder and director of Images Travel, the seminar welcomed the following guests:

  • Mr. Tran Nhan Chu – outstanding French-speaking inbound/outbound tour guide, member of Images Travel’s Training Committee for young tour guides;
  • Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son – full-trip tour guide with brief and efficient speeches to French tourists;
  • Mr. Bui Xuan Huy – full-trip French-speaking tour guide, member of Images Travel’s Training Committee for young tour guides and French language teacher.

vlu phap ngu aThe guest speakers and attendees actively discussed on Zoom online platform.

During the session, the guest speakers shared many field experiences and tips to assure the tourists’ satisfaction and completely conquer them, such as:

  • Recommended process for a young tour guide to carry out the tour professionally;
  • Good tips to promote the value of the overnight stay on Ha Long cruise ships or trains;
  • Principles to communicate on duty with the French: polite, civilized, confident communication; suitable thanks and apologies.
  • “Collection” of the latest and attractive topic for tourists going on the Western region tours: floating markets, floods, fruit festivals, local cuisines, local lives on the water, localized handiworks such as Asian Palmyra Palm sugared candies, water hyacinth knitting, coconut-leaf roofing, grafted trees, off-season cultivation and so on.
  • Common tour issues for young tour guides and solutions.

vlu phap ngu cGuest speaker Tran Nhan Chu shared the procedure for a successful tour and provided advice for overnight stays on Ha Long cruise ships or trains for French tourists.

A well-roundedly successful tour requires good preparations in three stages: before the tour, during the tour, and the last date of the tour. The welcoming date is crucial when the tour guide could display his/her excellence and the tourism company’s quality. The tour guide must have a polite appearance and a complete check of the tourists’ pick-up service, hotel, flight, and resting time in the first meeting. The differences in time zones should affect the tourists’ condition, so it is necessary to briefly provide core information politely, especially the ones related to the available services at the hotels, to avoid any possible problems.

The overnight stay on Ha Long cruise ships is a crucial experience for Ha Long tours – one of the world’s seven natural wonders. However, due to the misty weather, the tour guide must skillfully make the tourists believe that visiting Ha Long is a considerable fortune even in the foggy condition. Besides, the tour guide must contact the service providers for cruise ships, room services, restaurants, and hotels in advance to promote the tourists’ satisfaction. The French tourists usually prefer a peaceful and nature-friendly trip, so the tour guide should choose quiet routes with beautiful views and less traffic; thus, the tourists could truly relax. Then, the staff should provide information about Ha Long politely and emphasize the heritage’s value. Apart from visiting Ha Long, the tour guide may take the tourists to fishing villages, fish farms and hold mini-parties.

For North-South Railway tours, the overnight stay on board might not be as comfortable as at the hotel, yet it is still possible to promote tremendous and memorable values for the tourists even when they have returned to France. The Railway system in Vietnam was constructed by the French and witnessed the relationship between the two people. Hundreds of years ago, it was a luxury train, and an overnight stay was not something anyone could have. The same trains still exist and are the links to connect the cultures and develop tourism and economy.

Moreover, the guest speaker also shared some tips for taking care of French-speaking tourists to boost their mood when traveling in Vietnam, such as:

  • A humorous introduction about Vietnam’s traffic system;
  • A greeting and goodbye to remember the good moments;
  • Tips to keep the conversation interesting on board;
  • Tips to impactfully introduce the traditional village

vlu phap ngu dGuest speaker Nguyen Thanh Son suggested the young tour guides talk about the daily lifestyle instead of the old traditions.

vlu phap ngu eGuest speaker Bui Xuan Huy gave some examples of greeting and goodbye to the tourists.

vlu phap ngu fAs the event director, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan summarized and solved the inquiries on how to deal with the possible problems during the tour, such as miscarrying the hotel’s properties, injuries, missing luggage, complaints about hotel quality. According to Mr. Toan, the arrangements for any problems must be based on the negotiating and supporting manner; and there always will be insurance policies to protect the customer’s rights.

Apart from the outstanding contents, the last seminar also introduced the eight gifts for best questions among the six sessions, including:

  • Do Quynh Huong, Hanoi University;
  • Dang Hai Ly, Hanoi University;
  • Trinh Phuong Thanh, Tour Controller;
  • Tran Thi Dung, French-speaking tour guide;
  • Bui Thi Tuong vy, PR student of course 25 at Van Lang University;
  • Nguyen Le Anh Thu, Tourism student of course 24 at Van Lang University;
  • Nguyen Vu Anh Thu, Tourism student of course 24 at Van Lang University;
  • Tran Ngoc Ngan Ha, Student of Hue University of Foreign Languages.

The seminar series on “French-speaking Tourism Market: Understanding for success” had completed after an exciting month of operation. We hope the Faculty of Tourism at Van Lang University will continue to organize more meaningful, intellectual, and career-oriented activities for students and newcomers to the Tourism profession.

Reporter: My Tien

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