“Sunshine 2021” – a journey for love by the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication

(VLU, 04/8/2021) – “Sunshine 2021” – a social activity by the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication at Van Lang University, took place from 17 to 24 July 2021. The event aimed for humanity’s goals and assistances to the medical staff and volunteers in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sunshine is an annual voluntary social activity organized by the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication. This year, the event aimed to help the medical staff fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic and the volunteers, who bravely put their all for the community. For the last several months, their daily cycles were the meals in a hurry, hazmat suits all day no matter the weather, and sacrifice for a pandemic-free city.

“Sunshine 2021,” with the message of “sunshine in your heart,” was organized to spread the love and share the challenges with the frontline fighters. After a week of rallying, “Sunshine 2021” had funded 87,561,000 VND from 2,137 “beams” of sunlight, including the PR lecturers, alumnus, and current students at Van Lang University.

vlu nang 2021 c

After months of preparing, at 2pm on 30 July 2021, on behalf of the Directing Board and the Youth Union Committee of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication, Ms. Vuong Yen Nhi – Student Affairs Assistance, student Pham Dao Thanh Nhi – Chief of the Joint Committee of the Faculty, and student Nguyen Vu Thanh Dang – Member of the Joint Executive Committee had directly delivered the gifts and funds to the Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City at 55 Mac Dinh Chi street, District 1, HCMC.

vlu nang 2021 aDr. Vo Van Tuan – Standing Vice-President and the Dean of the Faculty of PR and Communication loading the necessities on the “Sunshine 2021” truck.

vlu nang 2021 b

The organizing committee would divide the donated fund of 87,561,000VND into 40,000,000 VND of cash and 42,561,000 worth of necessities (face shields, N95 masks, 4-layer masks, hand sanitizers, Vitamin-C tablets, milk, coffee, instant noodles, rice, personal hygiene equipment.) The remaining fund of 4,540,000VND should be given to the Covid-19 vaccine fund.

The Fatherland Front Committee of Vietnam in HCMC should distribute the necessities, medical equipment, and cash to the four quarantine sites in HCMC, including:

  • Zone A – Vietnam National University HCMC: a quarantined area for F0 and F1 patients, and 173 medical staff and 13 volunteers.
  • Zone B – Vietnam National University HCMC: a quarantined area for F0 and F1 patients, and 167 medical staff and 13 volunteers.
  • Thuan Kieu Fields Hospital, HCMC: a quarantined area with a capacity of 1,000 beds and the working place of more than 200 medical staff and volunteers.
  • Covid-19 treatment division – Trung Vuong Hospital, HCMC: 542 medical staff (81 specialized staff for Covid-19 treatment) and 350 Covid-19 patients.

Promoting meaningful social works, Sunshine 2021 had spread the love and passion for the fight against the pandemic and honor the loving hearts and unity among the Van Lang community.

Le My
Photographer: Lee Minh Phuong

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