The Faculty of Technology hosted a seminar on the overview of stem cells and their applications in cosmetology

(VLU, 07/8/2021) - Following a series of educational scientific seminars, The Faculty of Technology - Van Lang University hosted an academic seminar on the theme "Overview of stem cells - Structure, function, and applications in Cosmethology" on August 6, 2021, with MSc. Le Thanh Thao as a speaker.

The online seminar was attended by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Phuoc Hien, Director of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, and Dr. Nguyen Huu Hung, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Technology, together with around 60 students and the faculty members.

vlu hoi thao ung dung te bao goc aParticipants in the online seminar were members from the Faculty of Technology, students from Van Lang University and others.

As part of the presentation, MSc Le Thanh Thao introduced stem cells (hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells) as well as an overview of clinical stem cell applications, facility requirements, stem cell collection and culture, and post-transplant follow-up. Stem cells are cells that have the ability to self-renew and divide into many cells. Additionally, depending on their ability, stem cells can differentiate into a variety of other types of specialized cells, including muscle cells, nerve cells, fat cells, heart muscle cells, etc…  MSc Le Thanh Thao provided that as people age, the amount of stem cells in the human body decreases gradually. If a newborn has an initial level of stem cells equal to 100%, following several years of development, the number of those cells will be more than halved to approximately 40% by the age of 18, to about 25% by the age of 30, and to less than 5% by the age of 60.

Additionally, the conference discussed the great difficulties and stringent requirements associated with the therapeutic application of stem cells. Each country in the world has its own set of regulations. In Vietnam, laboratories conducting research and application must fully comply with the following criteria: clean rooms that adhere to GMP WHO standards; the acquisition, culture, and quality control processes must adhere to clinical standards; and the standards of record-keeping and management must extend from the sampling stage, culture stage, and patient transplantation to the post-transplant follow-up phase.

vlu hoi thao ung dung te bao goc bCleanroom systems are built according to GMP WHO standards.

MSc. Le Thanh Thao discussed stem cell applications in cosmetology and the opportunity to develop stem cell applications in cosmetic surgery, beauty, and aesthetics in the modern era. Despite legal concerns, stem cell therapy is increasingly used in clinical treatment in Vietnam. According to Le Thanh Thao, autologous stem cells are used in the cosmetic sector. Those who require liposuction can culture and store the extracted fat tissues. There is a system of centers and storage units for customers to use when there is a need to conduct defrosting and culturing to treat disorders or to solve health and beauty problems.

vlu hoi thao ung dung te bao goc c

The use of stem cells in cosmetology is a novel area of biotechnology in which Vietnam is investing and developing. For students of Aesthetic Technology in particular, and students of the Faculty of Technology in general, the most applicable knowledge provided by industry professionals is ideal to assist them in establishing and developing their careers.

Seminars at the Faculty of Technology at Van Lang University will continue to be organized in order to create a good learning environment for students and to support their acquisition of new knowledge from scientists with practical experience. This academic program provides students with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with experts every two weeks, cultivate a passion for research, and stay up to date on scientific information.                                    

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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