VLU students support the Covid vaccine campaign of HCMC

(VLU15/8/2021Ho Chi Minh City is accelerating the progress of vaccination for people. Along with medical staff and doctors, many Van Lang University's students put on protective suits and became volunteers to support vaccination points in the city.

The 4th outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City broke out with unforeseen developments, especially the appearance of the Delta variant, which had a strong impact on the entire economic and social activities of the city, causing negative consequences for public health. On August 3, at a press conference to provide information on the situation of COVID-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Duong Anh Duc said that the city officially entered the COVID-19 vaccination phase 6. This is a special injection for all people from 18 years old living in the city, expected to last until the end of August 2021. A lot of medical teams were mobilized to deploy for this activity. Along with the city's epidemic prevention and control, Van Lang University has accompanied Binh Thanh District, Go Vap District in the implementation of large-scale vaccination for people.

250 VLU students have registered to join the volunteer squad to support vaccination at many injection sites. Wearing a hot blue protective suit, working time starts from early morning until late at night, quick meals, short naps, but volunteers still maintain their fighting spirit: regulating and guiding medical declaration for people at vaccination sites; hand out screening checks; temperature check; attendance check, serial numbering for vaccination participants and support for data entry.

vlu sv tiem chung cIn blue protective suits, Van Lang volunteers and medical soldiers were busy with vaccination support activities from early morning until late at night.

vlu sv tiem chung bThey are responsible for measuring temperature, blood pressure, coordinating people, distributing test sheets, supporting numbering and inputting data into the system.

vlu sv tiem chung e minThe work is hard, but the volunteer team keeps an optimistic spirit, adding positive energy to the community.

vlu sv tiem chung fAs part of the team to support data entry for the system, Nguyen Vu Thanh, a student at K24, majoring in Finance - Banking said that her decision to join the volunteer team in the vaccination campaign had the consent of her parents and family. She also sent a message to the whole team to stay healthy and express the belief that Vietnam is determined to win the pandemic.

vlu sv tiem chung g"Every day in the city, the number of Covid-19 patients increases by thousands of people. Therefore, I want to contribute a little bit of strength to help everyone defeat the pandemic. There are still many happy moments during the hard time. It is the time when the whole team sits down to eat lunch, chat with each other, and support each other to complete the common work. Hope that the pandemic will end soon so that Van Lang students can quickly return to school, especially K24 Van Lang will have a memorable graduation ceremony," said Vo Duong Thao Nguyen, class 24 of Medical Laboratory Technology.

Not only providing support at vaccination points in the city, many friends also participate in supporting the fight against epidemics in their hometown. Wherever they are, Van Lang's youth has always seriously carried out the mission to become people who bring positive impact and inspire society with the belief that Vietnam is determined to win the pandemic.

When young people at Van Lang faced the biggest pandemic of the 21st century, they chose to face it, join hands with the community and do not hesitate and regret their decision. Van Lang's youth, with the spirit of spreading love and dedication, demonstrates responsibility to the community and society in disease prevention and control. Our youth has participated in the fight against the epidemic, we feel proud and happy because of the small but useful jobs. We are always ready for work and want to spread this flame to generations of Van Lang students.” - a member of the Volunteer Team of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology wrote in a letter to the University.

Also in August 2021, the Medical Team - in response to the emergency situations during the COVID-19 epidemic, a team of medical staff from Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing & Medical Technology, Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology and Van Lang Medical Center were in charge of health counseling for the Van Lang community. Doctors not only provide online health advice, but also provide online medical examinations via Zalo and prescribe medicine directly to Van Lang's teachers and students.

Reporter: My Tien

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