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(VLU, 15/8/2021) -  During the stressful situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, a series of activities in daily life were forced to stop. As lecturers and students of the Health Sector of Van Lang University, we are supporting the anti-epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, but we also ensure the quality of every online lesson which is the first thing that teachers and students of the Faculty of Medicine maintain our focus on.

The epidemic which caused by a new strain of Corona virus has become a worrying problem for all countries in the world, including Vietnam. In that situation, 63 over 63 provinces and cities have allowed students not to go to school to prevent the disease caused by Corona virus; More than 100 universities across our country regulate the admission of students, including Van Lang University. However, for students of Health Sector, in addition to supporting the anti-epidemic work in Ho Chi Minh City, ensuring the quality of every online lesson also need investing in and focusing on. More than anyone else, medical students - future Doctors, Technicians, Nurses, Pharmacists must be pioneers in disease prevention, helping to protect the health of our community.

Faculty of Medicine - Van Lang University is concerned about how to teach practical medical skills to students in an online form. After many days of thinking, the lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine decided to design an online practical lecture for students of the Faculty of Pharmacology in Pathology.

vlu lop hoc khoa y bClinical practice class - K25DU1 class

The first lesson was filled with exciting moments when the studdents first had access to the skill of checking vital signs.

vlu lop hoc khoa y eTeaching practical clinical skills through MS Teams software

vlu lop hoc khoa y cPrepare teaching tools and content in online class for students.

With the responsibility of the Health sector, the Faculty of Medicine also provides knowledge about the mechanism of transmission, virulence, and dangerous warning conditions, helps lecturers and students of Van Lang University in having better understanding about the the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to avoid negative thoughts results in confusion and anxieties, fully understanding the disease and knowing the the protection of the health and preventing the tranmission.

With the responsibility of Health Sector, we wish Van Lang students try their best to learn and gain knowledge, so they will be ready to take on the position of Doctor, Nursing, Pharmacist and Technician in the future. We hope all Van Lang students will be get vaccinated and the corona epidemic will quickly be repelled so that people will no longer worry about Corona virus someday.

MSc. Pham Thi Viet Phuong

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