Dentistry lecturers and students joined hand in fighting Covid-19

(VLU26/8/2021) – In the last two months, Ho Chi Minh City has been putting its all to fight against the new Covid-19 outbreak. As a part of Van Lang University, the lecturers and students from the Faculty of Dentistry had actively supported the vaccination sites in many districts to help fight against the pandemic.

Among the leading institutions in sponsoring and supporting the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Van Lang University even encouraged many meaningful activities such as assisting the frontline fighters, local areas, and the vulnerable; and promote various student aid policies. Recently, the Faculty of Dentistry at Van Lang University displayed numerous footages showing its lecturers and students helped battle the pandemic. Handling distinct tasks at different sites, yet M.D. Tran Thi Xuan Lan, M.D. Huynh Thanh Tien, M.D. Ta To Tran and two students Huynh Dieu Hang and Huynh Thi Thu Thao wished to put their all in the fight against the pandemic and live up to their career expectations.

vlu thay tro khoa rang ham mat tham gia chong dich fM.D. Tran Thi Xuan Lan, lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry working in a mobile vaccinating site in District 1

As a part of a mobile vaccinating site in District 1, M.D Tran Thi Xuan Lan, the lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, said: "My family and acquaintances initially went against my idea because the situation then was quite serious. There were thousands of new cases every day. However, it is my "stubbornness" that thrives me to do whatever I plan. As a healthcare worker, I must commit to this responsibility." Then, the young female doctor took three shifts per week roaming around the city to vaccinate local elders. Despite wearing the hazmat suit 12 hours straight under the heat of Saigon was significantly uncomfortable; she had to bear with it when witnessing the long queues of people coming to get vaccinated. She also shared, "Since it was a mobile vaccinating site, there was no façade, and the space was scrambling. I was heartbroken to witness the people bearing either the extreme heat or the muddy rain. At those moments, I had to try to stay optimistic and always put a big smile under the mask to spread the positive energy to everyone."

vlu thay tro khoa rang ham mat tham gia chong dich dThe doctors and volunteers had to constantly shift the locations to vaccinate big groups of people amidst the rainy season.

 Although she was constantly on the move and contacted high-risk people, she still remained calm and gentle. More than anyone, the frontline fighters were fully aware of these risks. Once they stood among the frontline fighters, they accepted all the challenges. "If a member among the group became an F0 patient, all other members were "forced" to take an infection test. We are also required to take periodic examinations to ensure our health. Even though we have been taking the tests many times, the feeling of getting your nose poked is not a comfortable one." Despite constantly working for the vaccinating teams, M.D. Tran Thi Xuan Lan has never relieved her duty as a lecturer. She said that she had to balance the voluntary and official works by reducing the time for personal affairs. She had to stay up later and wake up earlier to dedicate herself to meaningful duties.

vlu thay tro khoa rang ham mat tham gia chong dich aDieu Hang – Dentistry student at Van Lang University working at the vaccinating site in Phu Hoa Dong commune, Cu Chi district.

"Like teacher, like student." As the first valedictorian of the Dentistry program of 2020 intake, Huynh Dieu Hang was well-known for her outstanding academic performance, pretty appearance, and active participation in social activities. Dieu Hang said that the vaccinating site in Phu Hoang Dong commune, Cu Chi district went into action in June, but it was not until early August, when her studying schedule was lighter, that she could sign in for the voluntary job. Dieu Hang told us about her current duty: "I was assigned in many positions such as directing and instructing to fill out the medical declaration, managing queue and checking information or taking vital sign records. When the staff knew that I finished a diploma in medical testing before enrolling in dentistry, they enthusiastically guided me and assigned to the vaccinating team. Although I had been injecting many times during my class works and practical fields, I was very touched. In my opinion, it was such a tremendous joy that I could contribute my part to assist the medical staff and local people in the fight against the pandemic."

vlu thay tro khoa rang ham mat tham gia chong dich bFinishing a diploma in Medical Testing before enrolling in the Dentistry program helped Dieu Hang gain the medical staff's trust and became a part of the vaccinating team.

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam is still intense. Thanks to the wills and unities of the people, the dedication of the medical staff, and the efforts of our Dentistry lecturers and students, we will light up the hope that we will soon overcome the losses and return the hustle and bustle atmosphere for both Saigon and our nation.

Reporter: Hoai Anh
Photo: Provided by the interviewees

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