Going to school with the Youtuber “Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong”

gap go anh thay loc ca loc coc b

Parents call him: Dong Thanh Loc
His students call him: the 9X “fresh without water” teacher of the Arts and Design Faculty
Society calls him: Tuoi Tre Cuoi magazine’s cartoonist (2017 – present)

Coming to Van Lang as a predestined relationship, the 1996 man decided to fulfill his childhood dream after many years as a cartoonist for Tuoi Tre Newspaper: "If I don't draw, I will definitely become a teacher. It is very fortunate that I now can fulfill both my passions at the same time: becoming an artist and a lecturer of Graphic Design at Van Lang University.”

gap go anh thay loc ca loc coc c


Turning from an artist to a university lecturer was a breakthrough for Dong Thanh Loc. The young teacher confided: “As I started work at Tuoi Tre Cuoi since I was in school, to me, drawing and painting have been so familiar, and they are no pressure. But being a model teacher is different. It can be said that in my teaching journey, I started from zero.”

Just in only 6 months after joining Van Lang, the young teacher has to get used to too many new things, especially during the pandemic: from how to prepare lesson plans to design interesting lectures, how to teach online, or connecting teaching devices via online screens, etc. “Since the school launched online classes, I have recorded every class and downloaded to watch them again little by little, observe if my approach has reached to the students yet, or consider if there is any redundant to remove or any lacking needs to be added.”

Training skills for the teaching of the “big kids" in the modern days is inherently difficult. But, training the steel spirit to become an elegant lecturer in front of the students, who he often calls by the long name “My beautiful, lovely, cutey flowers”, ​is even harder! Each student has a different personality: there’s a lively, dynamic one, and there’s a quiet one. In order for the online lessons to never be boring, the brain, eyes and even mouth muscles of the teacher must always work at 200% capacity!

Dong Thanh Loc's class was filled with laughter as the young lecturer tried to stir up the class atmosphere with a humorous, witty intonation, and cared about each member to make sure not to miss any "beautiful, lovely, cutey flower" in the class. The duration of online classes is not enough to correct the works for all, Loc and the teachers of the Faculty of Arts and Design often "overtime" to correct each student's homework.

Embracing the idea that the memories of teachers and students during their student days and happy learning experiences are very precious, Loc tried to connect classmates with each other: "When reviewing the recordings, I often pay attention to each student's attitude to class so that I can adjust accordingly, drawing quiet students into the general story of the class more in the following lessons."

gap go anh thay loc ca loc coc d


Becoming a lecturer also brought him many other “firsts” experiences, such as becoming a Youtuber with the name “Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong”, which is not a predetermined plan, but an overwhelming highlight beyond expectations! The Youtube channel was officially launched with the first video clip in mid-June, when the city began to implement the social distancing order, restricting a person who likes to "teleport" like him from leaving the house and starting long-term online lessons. With a name as special as its creator, the Youtube channel “Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong” will be a box containing a lot of memories of teachers and students of the Art & Design Faculty for generations.

Anyone who has ever attended Loc’s classes will not be unfamiliar with the “Gap nhau cuoi mon” (End of the curriculum gathering) - a special class to confide and share. Although self-identified as a "low-tech" person, Loc still decided to try his hand at being a YouTuber – making video clips to mark memories and sending meaningful gifts to students! Staying up all night, just a few minutes before going to the online class, the first finished product was officially born, containing memories full of laughter during the learning process.

The idea of ​​​​establishing a youtube channel " Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong" came as a surprise. But it is also the result of a journey. That journey is not long, however, is the connection between him and Van Lang's Arts students: "I want any class that I have gone through must be the most interesting. Maintaining the habit of packing memories as a present for students at the end of each semester will hopefully be a joy and a small surprise for any student who attends Loc’s class."

The spirit of optimism, creativity, and delicate care has made Dong Thanh Loc decided to create a place to store the gifts for each class, each generation of students that he has ever worked with. One has to see the video clips of Loc ca Loc coc channel to know how much he cares about each student. From facial features redrawn in a witty style, to his "unique" comments for each person. Loc said: "If you accidentally enter Mr. Loc's class, hopefully, it will be an unforgettable highlight during your 4 years of studying at Van Lang."

Wishing the Youtube channel "Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong" will continue to grow and establish many meaningful and cute gifts for Van Lang students to keep many memories. Wishing the young teacher, Dong Thanh Loc, as well as the lecturers of Van Lang, will always be full of enthusiasm to guide the next generations of students.

“Mr. Loc is very cute and caring for the students. He drew me exactly the same as when I was reviewing the lesson with him!  Thank you so much, teacher! I’m glad to have you accompanying me for the past few months.”  – Le Thu

“Initially, I was just planning to pass the subject. But Mr. Loc is so enthusiastic that I cannot deny trying!  Because of his subject, I have to ask everyone to go to the coffee shop to sit down and do the homework together!"  – Dung Nguyen

“I am a student in the class of Mr. Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong! As the Typo 1 module ended, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Loc - who inspired and guided me. Thank you for the many times you “add more salt and seasoning” to make the lesson more interesting. Thank you for helping me know how to arrange the letters harmoniously…” – Huynh My Tran

“I did not expect that going to college would bring such beautiful memories. Thank you, teacher. I'm so moved!"  - Pham Ngoc Khanh Doan.

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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