Van Lang University assisted its students to overcome the pandemic

(VLU25/7/2021)  To support VLU students trapped in HCMC, the faculties, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of Alumnus had come up with plans to provide the students with rationings.

According to the collected data, more than 1,000 out-of-province VLU students in HCMC were struggling with the rent and rationing cost as their apartments were among the quarantined areas. To ease the critical condition, Van Lang University executed many supporting programs to offer the students essential provisions.

“Van Lang University assist the students to overcome the pandemic” fundraising campaign received donations from the lecturers, staff, and even the alumnus and the enterprises. On 19 July 2021, 300 gifts worth 100 million VND from Van Lang’s Office of the Alumnus were packed and transferred to the in-need VLU students staying in HCMC.

vlu dong hanh sv aOn 19 July, 300 gifts of rationing (worth 100 million VND) were packed at VLU's main campus, and ready to be transferred to in-need VLU students.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President of Van Lang University, encouraged the students in her letter: “I hope you will remain calm and brave whether you are at home or still staying in Ho Chi Minh City because that will help us to think it out and act accordingly. I believe in your will and bravery. I hope you will take good care of yourselves, be responsible to the community, conduct the 5K code, obey the government’s instruction No16. I do wish you to be optimistic and spread positive messages for those surrounding you. If each VLU student can carry out these ideas, Van Lang University will indeed become an inspirational and positive example for the whole society.”

As a member of the Office of Alumnus – the organizer of the previous fundraising campaign, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Head of the Financial Department of PNJ and a Finance – Branking alumnus of course 2 said: “300 gifts dedicated for the students are not mere rationing but also the love and caring of the upperclassmen. Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, we wish you to stay safe. Even in hardship, we have to display the values of Van Lang University – “Morality – Will – Creativity” and spread the positive spirit to the whole society.”

The VLU-student-supporting campaign also received responses from the faculties. Besides calling for donations in cash and kinds to the students, the faculties also contributed to the University’s fundraising campaign or organized their campaign, such as the “Nang 2021 (Sunny 2021)” campaign of the Faculty of Public Relations & Communication.

vlu dong hanh sv bOn 20 July 2021, the Faculty of Commerce gave away 55 gifts to the students. Each portion included essential products and rationing.

vlu dong hanh sv dIn the first phase, the Faculty of Tourism had provided the students with 60 portions of rationings and essential products.

The list of departments/faculties contributed to the student assisting campaign:

Office of the Alumnus – Office of the Student Affairs – Youth Union
After two fundraising days, 300 gifts (worth 100 million VND) provided by the alumnus had been packed and transferred to VLU students on 20 July 2021.

Faculty of Accounting - Auditing
On 17 and 18 July 2021, the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing had delivered to the 34 students of the first phase. The gifts worth 34 million VND consisted of essential products, face masks, and dental wash.

Faculty of Commerce
On 20 July 2021, the Faculty of Commerce supplied 55 portions to the students. Each one included essential products and rationings.

Faculty of Law
On 20 and 21 July 2021, the emergency team of the Faculty of Law offered 60 packages of rationings for the students. The Faculty also assisted an in-need student with his rent.

Faculty of Tourism
On 21 July 2021, the Faculty of Tourism supported 60 bags of rationings and essential products to the students.

Faculty of Technology
On 21 July 2021, the Faculty of Technology provided five gifts of essential products to the students and four financial support places (1,000,000 VND/place).

Faculty of Automotive Engineering
On 23 July 2021, the Faculty of Automotive Engineering gave away nine essential products and rationings packages.

Faculty of Architecture
On 24 July 2021, the Faculty of Architecture and its alumnus donated essential products and rationings for 130 in-need students during the pandemic outbreak.

Faculty of Finance - Banking
On 26 July 2021, the Faculty of Finance – Banking, in collaboration with the Military Bank, had provided 162 gifts in person to the troubled Finance – Banking students in HCMC due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides the essential products, the Faculties of Business Administration, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences and Humanities, Nursing and Medical Technology, Engineering, Dentistry, Civil Engineering, and Applied Arts offered financial aids for the students to pay for their living costs.

Receiving the gifts, Ho Thi Hong Yen (sophomore Commerce student) said: “When I receive the call from the Faculty, my lecturers enthusiastically asked about my well-being to know if I needed anything; if I could leave my house; if my house is among the quarantined zone; or what I ate the last several days. The lecturers and the upperclassmen even arrived at my home on the same day to offer me gifts while it rained heavily. It was such heartful moments for me.”

vlu dong hanh sv cXuan Thy – Junior Technology student sent her thanks to the lecturers after she received the gifts.

vlu dong hanh sv fAn Accounting – Auditing student showed the rationings she received from the lecturers.

vlu dong hanh sv eThe pandemic brought hardship yet the opportunity to promote the bond between VLU students and lecturers

In the following days, more supporting programs would be executed to help the students in need. No matter how the outbreak could occur, the united spirit of Vanlang would always be with you, and no students would be left alone in Saigon. Therefore, let us unite, stay strong to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The lecturers are missing the lecture with the students. Let us make Van Lang lively again with your dynamic, strong, and energetic spirits.

Reporter: My Tien

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