Trade Union of Van Lang University: 25 years of accompanying with the staff

(VLU04/8/2021– In July 2021, the nation expects the 92nd establishing anniversary of Vietnam’s Trade Union (28 July 1929 – 28 July 2021). The occasion also marks the 25th anniversary of the founding and developing journey of VLU’s Trade Union. This issue of Van Lang’s student magazine will look back at the previous characteristic activities of VLU’s Trade Union.

Founded in 1996, VLU’s Trade Union was among the first unions of private universities. After 25 years and eight terms accompanying, developing in scales, building up the bonding activities, and taking good care of its staff, VLU’s Trade Union now consists of 34 sub-units and 925 members by July 2021.

Characteristic Activities

If asking what the most characteristic activity organized by the Trade Union is, Van Lang members will undoubtedly recall the “Chung and Tet cake making festival” that occurred every springtime. This activity has become a periodical activity in the last eight years. The festival is the most wanted movement for the lecturers and staff as the image of people gathering around the stove to oversee the cooker has become rare to see in the urban areas. Annually, in the hustle and bustle atmosphere, the union members usually sit together to wrap and cook the cakes while sharing their wishes for the upcoming year.

vlu ngay hoi goi banh e

The Trade Union is also known for various competitions and campaigns to celebrate International Women’s Day on 08 March. There are diversified activities organized in turn to honor the “beautiful part of the world,” such as flower arrangement, cooking contest, talkshow with female artists, declamation, specialized workshops in nutrition, beauty care, or even Van Lang’s traditional dress contest.

vlu duyen dang ao dai aaCharming Traditional Dress Contest in 2019

In 2017, VLU’s Trade Union, for the first time, introduced the “Van Lang’s Traditional Dress Day” then promoted it to “Van Lang’s Traditional Dress Week,” which attracted significant attention from the female members.

van lang 2017 ngay ao dai bFemale members in the first “Van Lang’s Traditional Dress Day” in 2017

In addition, the Union also organizes many arts and sports competitions and other collective activities periodically to encourage the members to strengthen their bonds. Van Lang’s Family Day and the Union’s Sports Festival are the fruit born from the efforts of the Union. Moreover, the children of members could also attend various activities on special occasions such as International Children’s Day, Vietnam’s Family Day, or Mid-Autumn Festival.

dh van lang gia dinh van lang p

vlu dh van lang to chuc trung thu cho be 2020 aa

After years of effort, VLU’s Trade Union honorably received the award from the Executing Committee of the HCMC’s General Confederation of Labor for exemplary conduct and lasting Union’s activities in the AY 2019 – 2020.

2021 – A memorable year

In 2021, there were many memorable activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of VLU’s Trade Union. On 03 February 2021, the Signing Ceremony of Collective Agreement was organized to update the new modifications in bonus schemes for lecturers and staff; and protect the workers’ rights. In the same year, Van Lang University was selected as the leader among the Group of Five Competing Universities consisting of Full Bright University, RMIT, Hoa Sen University, and Hong Bang University.

vlu cong doan van langAssoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President, on behalf of the employer, and Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thuy – Chairman of the Trade Union, on behalf of the employees, signed the Collective Agreement for 2021 – 2022.

The scale of the Union’s activities is being strengthened and renovated to promote the bonds among the members and extend the social engagements. In April 2021, the Union donated 220 million VND to sponsor the Giai Phong canal’s bridge in Hau Giang Province and gave away the gifts to 15 vulnerable families in the local regions. In May 2021, the Union offered the saving books for members and staff who encountered labor accidents in Binh Chanh precinct. Recently, the Union, in collaboration with the University’s Youth Union and the Office of Student Affairs, donated 20 million in cash and 300 hazmat suits, 300 boxes of face masks, 500 face shields, and essential products to the Unions of Go Vap District and Binh Thanh District during the Covid-19 outbreak in HCMC.

In addition to the social works, the Union also provided timely support to VLU’s workers by giving away rice, rationings, and financial aid from 500,000 to 2,000,000VND. These schemes were applicable to the lecturers, staff, and family members who were practicing self-quarantine, joint-quarantine, or whose parent was an F0 patient. We hope the Union will continue to carry out practical campaigns to help VLU staff to overcome the hardship caused by the pandemic.

vlu le khanh thanh cau kenh giai phong hau giang a

dh van lang gia dinh van lang a

Union’s activities at the enterprises are the connectors for the staff, and each member is a gear in an organization’s machine. The employer always hopes the Union to enthusiastically accompany and protect the workers’ rights and the university’s collective. A look back at the 25-year journey of VLU’s Trade Union will help us look forward and aim for more meaningful activities for the whole society and VLU’s community.

Reporter: Gia Han

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