Electricity saving in Van Lang University’ space

In addition to investing in building modern facilities to serve the teaching and learning process, Van Lang University is interested in activities that encourage students to save, raise their awareness of electricity using thereby economize energy and protect the environment.

In 2019, Van Lang University issued the "Code of Student Conduct", which contains many contents to direct students to energy-saving activities at the school.

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Van Lang students need to comply with these following principles:

+ Turn off all lighting devices, air conditioners, fans, electrical equipment before leaving class room.

+ Only use electricity for general work, do not use electricity for personal purposes.

+ Pay attention to disconnecting electrical equipment when not in use and at the end of working hours in public areas and common activities.

+ Take full advantage of natural light and ventilation, turn off lights when the number of people working in the room decreases.

+ Encourage students to use the stairs during rush hour or when having too crowded students waiting in line.

+ Use stairs for floors from 1st to 4th

+ Only turn on lights and electricity in active areas when doing outside of working activities.

+ Stop overtime activities after 21:30, turn off all lights and equipment in the active area.

+ After 10:00PM, the overtime activities area automatically turns off the lights and electricity.

 vlu principal aVan Lang University’ space is designed in an open direction and has many learning areas, enabling students to take advantage of natural light in the learning process.

vlu principal bStudents are encouraged to walk downstairs and walk up to 1-4 floors instead of using the elevators at the Campus

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Not only students, ministries, lecturers and staff of Van Lang University also need to follow general rules such as turning off the power used in the teaching area after finish the class, and regularly reminding and guide students on ways to save electricity in rooms, classes, living areas and public areas.


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