Faculty of Tourism organized the Workshop "Bringing cultural attractions to French-speaking tourists: Traditional medicine in tour"

(VLU, 10/7/2021) - On July 8, 2021, Van Lang University's Faculty of Tourism cooperated with AUF Francophone University and Images Travel Company to successfully organize the seminar "Bringing Culture to French-Speaking Tourists: Traditional Medicine in Tours". The event attracted nearly 100 students and guides from the Francophone community in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand to participate on the Zoom online system.

“Bringing Cultural to French-Speaking Tourists: Traditional Medicine in Tours” is the first workshop in a series of 6 seminars on “French tourism market: Understanding for success” organized by the Faculty of Tourism of Van Lang University in July and August 2021.

The seminar was led by the following speakers: Dr. Trinh Thi Thuy - Lecturer of the Faculty of Tourism, Van Lang University, in charge of the French - Vietnamese Dual Diploma program; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan - Director of Images Travel; Mr. Ngo Minh Chu, Former French Teacher, Best Tour Guide for many years and a member of Images Travel's young guide training team.

At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan shared: “We are not aiming for a scientific conference but want to provide a bridge for attendees to meet experts in French-speaking fields and open more perspectives on the topics. The workshop will not take a general approach, but go into detail with examples and explore small branches of major topics. Hopefully after the series of seminars, each attendee will accumulate valuable knowledge for their own learning and working path."

vlu hoi thao khoa du lich dDr. Trinh Thi Thuy is introducing about Van Lang University

With 9 years of experience in the profession of a French tour guide, many of which have been honored as an excellent guide, and have been exposed to traditional medicine since childhood when he was born and raised in a family. As a family with a tradition in the medical profession, speaker Ngo Minh Chu helped attendees discover the origins of Vietnamese traditional medicine and how to distinguish between the two types of stores of north traditional medicine and south traditional medicine. In addition, the operating principles of traditional medicine are based on the theory of yin and yang and the five elements and 6 main healing methods in traditional medicine, including: medication, acupuncture, wormwood burning (acupuncture-assisted method), healing cuisine, massage and the sport of qigong (tai chi) were specifically introduced and illustrated by Mr. Ngo Minh Chu.

Besides, Sapa is a land that welcomes a lot of French tourists to visit and travel every year and is home to most of the H'mong ethnic group, so the speaker also introduced the typical culture in traditional medicine of the H'mong ethnic group in Sapa and how people grow and find medicine in the high mountains. 

vlu hoi thao khoa du lich eMr. Ngo Minh Chu illustrates some "tips" for the tour guide to have an attractive presentation

"Why is traditional medicine related to leading French tourists?"

This is a common question asked by many young people at the end of the workshop. Through the information analyzed by the speakers, the participants understood that if the lectures on the topic of history or culture were too general, the majority of French tourists would ignore or listen enough because most of them did a lot of research before starting their travel journey. However, the small unique features of the indigenous culture such as the theme of traditional medicine are extremely attractive to visitors. Moreover, the French love to wander into the small streets and be curious about the medicinal herbs in the Cholon area in Saigon, the Thuoc Bac street in Hanoi, or the pharmacies of the H'mong people in Sapa. During the trip through Vietnam, when walking in the villages, many medicinal leaves appear in the eyes of tourists. Therefore, if the tour guide has good knowledge of this content, visitors will be very attentive and interested in listening. Even in Vietnamese cuisine, the explanations of the very medical balance of Vietnamese food will make visitors love more Vietnamese meals on trips.

vlu hoi thao khoa du lich aSpeakers and attendees take photos at the end of the seminar

The meeting opened up many interesting aspects that young people often do not pay attention to. The second workshop with the theme "How to transfer culture and history into the presentation of a novice tour guide" will continue to take place at 19:30 on July 15, 2021.

Students interested in the seminar can register for the next seminars at: https://bit.ly/vanlangwebinar

Reporter: Gia Han

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