Two experienced CEOs share startup stories with students at Van Lang University

(VLU, 13/7/2021) - On July 10, Van Lang University's "Start-up Ideas - Putting to sea 20" contest entered the final round, with the companionship of two judges members: Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang and Mr. Lam Minh Chanh, two experienced CEOs in the startup world.

The contest "Sailing 20" organized by the Faculty of Business Administration of Van Lang University in conjunction with the High-Tech Business Incubator (SHTP - IC), with the desire to become a playground for HCMC students aspiring to start a business. After many rounds of challenges, from 30 teams, 6 excellent projects were officially selected to present and call for investment.

With diverse perspectives, students of the faculty have brought many creative business ideas in the fields of fashion, psychology, clean food, production of household items from coffee grounds, etc. Many difficult questions raised by experts made young people start their businesses for the first time nervous. However, with passion and high determination, all 6 teams completed quite well, leaving many good impressions in the judges and audience.

vlu chung ket ra khoi 20 aIn the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the final round of "Sailing 20" was held online by Van Lang University

As one of the two guest judges, Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang - Co-Founder of Alabaster, President of and CFO, Co-Founder of Arevo, former CEO of GoViet and Facebook Vietnam commented: "I am very impressed. The way the structure was set up and the harmony in the performance helped you achieve the maximum effect in this part of the competition."

Combined with the question-and-answer session between the candidates and the judges, Ms. Kieu Trang said that the candidates of Van Lang University formed a fairly methodical business plan with full steps of market and finance analysis.

vlu chung ket ra khoi 20 bMs. Le Diep Kieu Trang highly appreciated the bravery, ability to connect and present problems of Van Lang University students.

However, instead of approaching the problem as a school project, Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang encouraged the teams to have a broader view to realize the important highlights, make a difference and be decisive for the project.

She analyzed: “In the actual context, students' main source of access mobilization of personnel today is encapsulated in a group of close friends who have similar majors, fields and personalities. But I hope in the future, when we can expand our network through work, you will not hesitate to connect with people with different abilities and personalities. Because that is one of the key factors that determine the execution of the project you build. Sometimes, the person who executes the idea isn't exactly the creator of the idea."

Accompanying the program and the competition teams from the very beginning, CEO Lam Minh Chanh - Director of BinzUni School of Business Administration, judge of Shark Tank, Starup Wheel - sent a message to Van Lang students in particular and people Young startups in general: "Survive before chasing dreams so as not to lose before reaching the finish line. When starting a business, we don't think about losing, but we have to know when to stop. Don't do it for a few days and then change, but also don't be rigid and too stubborn while reaching the finish line, which has many paths. Starting a business is not easy, we must always keep the spirit of perseverance and optimism."

vlu chung ket ra khoi 20 cEntrepreneur Lam Minh Chanh accompanied Van Lang University in the program "Putting to sea 20" from the very beginning.

In the end, with the project "Unleashing the locker with just one touch", the NFO team from the Faculty of Business Administration of Van Lang University won the first prize. This project has successfully convinced the judges and received many positive comments when choosing to build an old fashion trading platform application. "The project is aimed at a potential market that is a community of students who are passionate about fashion, want to innovate their appearance according to trends with reasonable prices.

vlu chung ket ra khoi 20 dWith a wide network of connections, the Faculty of Business Administration of Van Lang University is ready to support projects to be realized, to approach investors who are reputable businesses.

As a training unit that is cooperating with many reputable domestic and foreign enterprises, Van Lang University's business - management department regularly trains students in entrepreneurship skills to access capital from the startup fund. Since then, the faculty aims to connect young people with investors, help students realize business ideas and gain experience during their university.

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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