The Finale of "Sailing 20", a beautiful ending for Van Lang University's large-scale and methodical start-up playground

(VLU, 11/7/2021- On the morning of July 10, the Finals of the Startup Idea Contest “Sailing 20” took place via Zoom and was broadcasted live on the Fanpage of Van Lang University. The final champion belonged to the NFO team with the project "Unleashing the closet with just one touch".

Sailing 20 is a startup idea contest organized by the Faculty of Business Administration of Van Lang University and the High-Tech Business Incubator (SHTP-IC), providing a professional startup playground for students in the city. Students participating in the contest have the opportunity to connect with famous entrepreneurs, learn experiences and skills, thereby moving towards realizing business ideas and calling for investment capital.

Launched from March 20, 2021, the contest has attracted a large number of students, not only from Van Lang University but also from 9 other universities and institutes in Ho Chi Minh City. From 30 teams (106 students) initially registered for the competition, the Organizing Committee found the best 06 teams to enter the Final Round:

  • TEAM CLUBE PROJECT (Faculty of Fine Arts and Design) with the project Dress up yourself – An application that connects tenants and renters of clothing services
  • TEAM SUBMARINE (Faculty of Business Administration) with the project Fresh vegetables for students
  • TEAM FISTAR (Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Business Administration) with the project Fijob about jobs for freelancers
  • Team NFO (Faculty of Business Administration) with the project Unleash the closet with just 1 touch
  • FORTIS FORTUNA TEAM (Faculty of Business Administration) with the Psychological Solution project R U OK?
  • Team 3T1N (Faculty of Business Administration) with the project Household products from coffee grounds

The Judges for the Final Round includes "golden names" in the startup world, such as Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang - Co-Founder of Alabaster, President of and CFO of ArevoFounder, Former General Director GOViet, Former Director of Facebook Vietnam; Mr. Lam Minh Chanh - Director of BizUni School of Business Administration, Jury of Shark Tank, Startup Wheel; with Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Van Lang University, Co-founder of Wines of America and Mai Thuy Co., Ltd.

The final round of also had the presence of business guests: Ms. Phan Thuy Ly - Deputy Director of High-tech Enterprise Incubator, Ms. To Thuy Duong - Deputy Director of Viet Lotus Joint Stock Company; Mr. Le Trung Hieu - Technical Director of EWATER ENGINEERING Co., Ltd; Mr. Tran Anh Viet - Founder of Boxes Vietnam; along with mentors, lecturers and students who have accompanied the contest for many months.

vlu chung ket ra khoi dSpeaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University shared: “Van Lang focuses on creating conditions and playgrounds for students to develop their knowledge and abilities. Sailing 20 is very suitable for Van Lang's educational philosophy because it allows students to experience the process of going from idea to complete project, how to build plans and strategies, business models, connecting with businesses, and the challenge to raise capital. That is the luggage for you to succeed in the future, come back and share it with the next generation.

vlu chung ket ra khoi cChanging the contest format from offline to online is a challenge for the Organizing Committee during the current complicated epidemic period, but it also proves the flexibility needed by startups. Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of Faculty of Business Administration deeply thanks the teachers and Mentors from famous enterprises who have accompanied the program throughout the stages.

In the Final Round, each team has 5 minutes to present their entire project. The projects of the 6 teams are diverse in many business fields such as: fashion, consumer goods, psychological solutions and organic food. Immediately after the presentation of each team, the judges asked many tough but very realistic questions to Van Lang students, helping them to see the limits and potentials in the projects.

Evaluating the competition of the startup student teams of Van Lang University, both CEO Lam Minh Chanh and "golden girl in the startup village" Le Diep Kieu Trang were impressed with the project presentation skills,  and the harmony coordination among members.

vlu chung ket ra khoi aJudge Le Diep Kieu Trang commented: “In the process of implementing the business plan, you should consider and choose the most core part of the project to exploit. At the same time, in the future, when the network has been expanded through work, startup teams should not be wrapped up in a group of acquaintances, but should connect members with diverse abilities and personalities to make the company stable and go further.”

vlu chung ket ra khoi bWith a lot of experience in Startup competitions, judge Lam Minh Chanh rated many projects well, and at the same time encouraged Van Lang students to "survive and live" before pursuing their dreams. Starting a business has many paths and stopping does not mean giving up but finding a new path. Besides, persistence is an indispensable factor for success.

After the "weighing and counting" moments, "Putting to sea 20" has found the owner of the awards including:

  • The first prize (15,000,000 VND) belongs to the NFO team (students of VLU School of Business Administration)
  • Second prize (10,000,000 VND) belongs to the CLUBE PROJECT team
  • Third prize (7,000,000 VND) belongs to team 3T1N
  • Consolation prize (5,000,000 VND) belongs to the FISTAR team, SUBMARINE team and FORTIS FORTUNA team.

vlu chung ket ra khoi fWith a convincing presentation, the project "Unleashing the wardrobe with just one touch" of Team NFO excellently won the first prize of.

Team NFO's project is an online old fashion trading application on a mobile platform, targeting the potential market of a community of students who are passionate about fashion. "Unleashing your wardrobe with just one touch" allows users to buy, sell, and auction second-hand fashion products conveniently. With the advantages in app building, advertising costs and personnel model, Team NFO's project successfully conquered the judges with high conviction.

Sharing about the victory, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nga, the NFO team representative, was moved to thank the Organizing Committee for creating a useful playground, and the Mentors and teachers who supported all the teams to complete the project. Hopefully, NFO will always keep the spirit to start the next entrepreneurial journey.

Hopefully the contest has spread the energy and spirit of entrepreneurship to students who love the business path. This is the largest and most organized startup playground of Van Lang University ever, with a continuous training journey and business contact for students, helping projects develop and ready to enter the stage of calling for investment. Playground also contributes to affirming Van Lang University's educational philosophy of "learning through experience" through practical startup training programs for students.

After the competition, the Startup Club of the Faculty of Business Administration will continue to support the teams to implement the project along with the commitment of companionship from the Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Incubator.

Reporter: My Tien

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