Issuant of the Van Lang Student Magazine Vol. 7 – June/2021

(VLU03/7/2021)  On 03 July 2021, Van Lang University had issued Vol. 7 of the Van Lang Student Magazine themed on "Beyond the Boundary" to summarize the Van Lang community's academic and extra-curricular activities in June 2021.

The fourth Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Vietnam had caused imminent setbacks for many activities. Nevertheless, Van Lang Student Magazine Vol. 7 – June 2021 themed on Beyond the Boundary had delivered a whole image of a persistent and brave Van Lang community holding the connections in lecturing, researching, international academic exchange, student examples for volunteering to join the frontline against the pandemic.

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Read the Van Lang Student Magazine Vol. 7 issued on 04 July 2021, portraying an overall picture of the Van Lang Community via the following sections:

Van Lang Movement in June: Van Lang continued to support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through many meaningful community services and expressed the direct, creative, and brave approaches of the lecturers and students on online forums and extra-curricular activities.

Online campaign – Drawing Competition amid the pandemic: An overall picture of student contests and campaigns taking place at Van Lang University after a month of social distancing.

An inspirational message from Van Lang Communication Department "By VLers, For VLers": Celebration of the Revolutionary Journalism in Vietnam, a look at the developing history of Van Lang News and some thought about VLU's message "By VLers, For VLers."

Artist Son Mach – the life-giver for traditional music: Story about an alumnus of the Faculty of Foreign Languages on the journey with his team to overcome the challenges and bring Vietnamese music to international audiences.

Stepping out of the comfort zone, VLU alumnus became the AWS director: The sharing about the developing journey to step out of the "comfort zone" of Vu Nguyen Hoang Son, Information Technology alumnus of course 7, director of the Enterprise Sector in Vietnam, Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Internship experience of Singapore Management University student at Van Lang University: Discussing the internship experience at the International Education Institute at Van Lang University of Nurmaisarah Binte Mohd Bashir – second-year Finance student of SMU.

Sailing 20: Accompanying with young start-ups: A general summary of the two-year journey selecting, enriching, and bringing the start-up ideas of young VLUers to the vast market.

Learning Philosophies by movies: an exciting experience: The unique Marxist – Leninist course for honors program students of course 26.

The art of copying and some related matters: The sharing of MA. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly – the lecturer of the Fashion Design Division from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, about the definition of creating related to the art of copying, typical artists and works in this genre, and the roles of copyright in the art of copying.

Covid-19 Vaccine – the key to fight against the SARS-CoV-2: Studies about the breakthroughs in molecular technology to create the Covid-19 Vaccine compared to the classic Vaccine developing methods to understand the approved types of Covid-19 Vaccine.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to Vietnam's Financial Market: The Covid-19 pandemic from the point of view of a businessman.

New books: The article introducing the project on "Nguyen Duy – modern poet of Vietnam" (Practicing the Literature discourse) by author La Nguyen (Assoc. Prof. Dr. La Khac Hoa) – Applied Literature lecturer at Van Lang University.

Heritage corner – Dang Thuy Tram and the statue of Van Lang University: A writing about the connection between Dang Thuy Tram – the heroic doctor and Van Lang University in her 51st death anniversary.

Composing corner – Children Drawing Contest: Introduction of several artworks made by the children of VLU's staff and lecturers in the Children Drawing Contest in celebration of the International Children's Day.

Protecting the health and elevating the e-learning quality for VLU students: The sharing and advice of Dr. Pham Thanh Cong – Faculty of Medicine at Van Lang University for lecturers, staff, and students during the pandemic outbreak.

This month's Social Network: VLU students completed the online exam: Stories about the examination amid the pandemic outbreak to share the "tip" for underclassmen to overcome the challenges.

And many other exciting pieces of information on the studying and extra-curricular activities at Van Lang University in June 2021.

Link to read the online publication of Van Lang Student Magazine 6/2021 here.

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