Carved Artwork project: the memorable artworks of the Graphic Design students of course 25

(VLU06/7/2021– In the second semester of AY 2020 – 2021, the Graphic Design students of course 25 had the Carved Artwork project, in which they had to create a product themselves. Although they met many difficulties working on the project at home during the social distancing, the Graphic Design students of course 25 had outstandingly completed more than 400 artworks as informed by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

Carved Artwork is a specific art of carving of Vietnam’s Fine Arts and a characteristic course of the Graphic Design major at Van Lang University. The Carved Artwork project for Graphic Design students of course 25 took place under the guidance of several lecturers, including MA. Do Thi Cam Nhung, MA. Tran Van Thi, MA. Ca Le Dung, MA. Ho Dang Bach Ly, MA. Dang Hong Van, Lecturer Phan Thi Thanh Yen, and Lecturer Nguyen Quoc Nam.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year was the second year, which the Carved Artwork project was carried out online, and the products were made at home. Overcoming the difficulties, the lecturers and students of Van Lang University had achieved great success. Most of the submitted artworks satisfied the evaluated requirements and criteria.

Tran Huyen Tran (Graphic Design student of course 25) said: “When I work on this project, I made quite some mistakes. My instructor advised me to use glue to fix those flaws, yet I kept failing after the second try, and the glue was detached when I colored the artwork. To save time drying the glue, I tried to use the resin pieces to cover the flaws. It dried faster for my next works, and I had no problems since then.”

MA. Ho Dang Bach Ly – the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design lecturer, evaluated this year’s artworks: “Although the project had many setbacks because of the pandemic outbreak, the social distancing and the slack of materials, the students remained persistent and hardworking. All artworks received great applause from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Nghia Phuong – Dean of Graphic Design Faculty at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts for their senses of fine arts.”

The students might choose various themes such as sceneries, objects, animals and insects, plants, human or daily lives in the Carved Artwork project. While working on the project, the students were free to design from their point of view to create refined artworks. Some of the works received high evaluation from the lecturers in the last Carved Artwork project of course 25 students is as follows:

vlu do an tranh khac a min

“Ban Mai” Artwork – Tran Huyen Tran

Not only the artists but for everyone also need a personal space to relax after stressful working hours. It is a place to recover and to create a passion for your work. “Ban Mai (Dawn)” artwork by Tran Huyen Tran has portraited a room full of sunlight with a comfortable couch to relax and seek peace for the audience.

vlu do an tranh khac d min

“Chiec don ganh” Artwork – Ngo Thi Thu Hien

Inspired by the simple daily life of Vietnamese women and the carrying pole, Thu Hien created this artwork based on the “Chiec don ganh (Carrying Pole)” portraying the sacrifice of the mothers.

vlu do an tranh khac b min

“Trang – Hoa (Moon – Flower)” Artwork – Nguyen Ho Linh Tuyen

Golden daisy represents virtue, longevity, and unity, which has become an irreplaceable icon in the lunar new year. Linh Tuyen chose to combine the image of the traditional daisy flower with the inspirational picture of the moon in Vietnamese literature to depict romance and poetic artwork.

vlu do an tranh khac e min

“Up” Artwork – Huynh Thi Yen Vy

“Up” artwork by Yen Vy was inspired by her favorite sneakers. Although she could not afford to purchase the branded sneakers, she still greatly adored her current sneakers. After many steps in sketching, lining, and carving, Yen Vy’s artwork was finally completed and promoted the value of her sneakers.

vlu do an tranh khac c min

“Sleeping Cicada Fairy” Artwork – Phan Dang Huong Ngan

Although only the male cicadas could make such unique chirps, the female ones also have their significance. Portraying the image of a sleeping cicada fairy, Huong Ngan used pointy details on the outfit and the sharp lines to create impactful artwork. The flowers and vines around the cicada fairy’s legs represented the strong bond between nature and insects. In other words, nature is the biological clock of this small yet powerful creature.

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vlu tranh khac a

vlu tranh khac ab

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vlu tranh khac ad

vlu tranh khac ae

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vlu tranh khac ag

vlu tranh khac ba

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vlu tranh khac bc

vlu tranh khac bd

vlu tranh khac be

vlu tranh khac bf

vlu tranh khac bi

vlu tranh khac ca

vlu tranh khac cb

vlu tranh khac cd

vlu tranh khac cf

vlu tranh khac cg

vlu tranh khac da

vlu tranh khac dc

vlu tranh khac df

vlu tranh khac dh


vlu tranh khac dl

vlu tranh khac fa

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Reporter: My Tien

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