Launching the Weekly VAN LANG NEWS Video News Show of Van Lang University

(VLU04/7/2021) – On 04 July 2021, VLU's Department of Admissions and Communications launched VAN LANG NEWS broadcasting on Van Lang New Channel on the Youtube platform and VLU's website. This program is the first video news show of Van Lang University and will be broadcasted weekly.

On 21 December 2020, the Van Lang News channel – an online media project hosted by the VLU's Student Communication Committee - had officially aired on Facebook platform under the Department of Admissions and Communications' administration. After six months of operation, the Van Lang News channel achieved 18,500 followers (updated on 04 July 2021) and was the most prominent Van Lang University news channel.

VAN LANG NEWS is a product of the subsequent media project carried out by the Van Lang News fanpage to broadcast the news and summarize the headlines in Van Lang University every week. Delivering in video format, VAN LANG NEWS covers the three major parts:

  • Movement: Delivering news and events organized by the universities and faculties; academic activities; and the VLU student life of the week before.
  • Headline: With the lead of the MC, the Headline raised the discussions and analyzations toward a particular topic at the university and proposing multi-perspective opinions from different people.
  • Connection: Meeting Mr. Connect – the one who will introduce much helpful information related to what has been discussed in Headline.

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Airing the first issue on 04 July 2021, VAN LANG NEWs show themed on "Communication in the University – who will be responsible?" attracted vast attention from the Van Lang community, drew out the overall picture of the communication situation within the university environment, orientated new approaches on VLU social channels, defined the correct and civilized point of view in contributing to the communication at the university.

To ensure the richness in contents of VAN LANG NEWS, the Editorial Board would like to receive the feedback and attention of the students, staff, and lecturers of the university. For any inquiries of news or information related to Van Lang's life, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join the VAN LANG DAILY News Community to keep track of the news demands of the university.

Reporter: My Tien

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