Artist Son Mach (alumni) - the soul into the country music

Son Mach is the stage name of Mr. Mach Thai Son - an alumnus of Course 11 of English linguistic at Van Lang University. He is not only the initiator of the Sol Club - where Van Lang students have had musical activities for many years, but also a familiar face in many cultural programs of Van Lang. Recently, he and his partner were awarded the Second Prize in the World Music category by OWMR radio station for the album "Winds of Home".

anh son mach cALBUM " WIND OF HOME" - Mr. Son Mach is second person (from left to right).

Winds of Home is an Album made by violinist and pianist Tri Nguyen (currently living and working in France) in collaboration with violinist Son Mach's group. Mr. Son said: “It is very fortunate that Winds of Home was awarded the Second prize in the Wolrd Music category by One World Music Radio. This is a project invested by artist Tri Nguyen while Son is both a partner and guest artist with other members in the band. Son is proud of this album because it is performed by Vietnamese artists. The songs are all familiar folk songs from three regions but they are harmonized according to creative thinking.”

Happy to receive the award, Mr. Son shared that the artists continuously called each other for several days to talk about experiences of the album making process from 2019 until early 2020. For him, Winds of Home has a special meaning because of the core message which artist Tri Nguyen and his brothers want to send.  They bring Vietnamese music, Vietnamese soul, and Vietnamese people to the international music market, and at the same time transmit inspire young artists in the country about Western ways of working, the character and culture of foreigners with the spirit of international integration and respecting and preserving the national identity in the process of integration.

On June 6, 2021, violinist Son Mach also officially released a mini album called "Saigon Saigon", an Extended Play (extended disc or mini album with a duration of less than 20 minutes) on all online music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes... Artist Son Mach said that this is a runway music based on the theme "Saigon La The Do" by designer Le Long Dung, used as the background music for the collection at Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week in December 2020. With the genres of House, EDM, this EP is very suitable for the catwalk when choosing the theme of magnificent Saigon, along with the famous songs Sai Gon dep lam, Dem do thi, Ao lua Ha Dong, etc. On this project, he collaborated with artist Tran Trung - a young and talented music producer, who used to participate in his Rondo group and performed at Van Lang University many times.

anh son mach bMini album " Saigon, Saigon"

In March 2021, artist Son Mai and the Chamber String Quartet band released the album "Teresa Teng's Top Hits" (The immortal songs of singer Dang Le Quan), released on Spotify and other music platforms. He hopes the album will be supported by audience who love chamber music and Chinese music.

Contact Van Lang Students’ Magazine Contact Van Lang Student Magazine in the days of the return of the COVID-19 epidemic, although most artists had to temporarily stop performing, Mr. Son still records and livestream on Youtube (via Son Mach channel).

He said, “Recently, Son and TUSO (The United Saigon Orchestra) collab in a concert video. Each person recorded at home and then sent a personal video for Mr.Son edit. In the near future, the TUSO Junior orchestra will also participate in making another similar video". He wants positive activities and attitude can boost the spirit of artists and musicians. Thereby, people have work to do and spread the value of art to the community.

anh son machSon's biggest project right now is constantly learning about music. Son wishes he had a studio or workshop to record orchestras and could participate in musical activities in the fields of movies, cartoons, video games, etc. Son aims at contemporary music which is popular, has a national spirit and show the East-West cultural interference.” – Violinist Son Mach looks to the future.

After graduating for many years, he always looks towards Van Lang, actively think about concert programs to perform for students. For him, Van Lang is the place where he learned and grew up from Will, Ethics, and Creativity. Although he performed on Van Lang hall with artists many times, he never thought to stop. "Son's heart is still mostly devoted to Van Lang University", he shared lovingly. Wishing talented artist Son Mach success on the path of spreading national music to everyone.

anh son anh aMusic night: " Chiec thuyen nan"

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